Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Sisters

Four new sisters are getting ready to leave. You know like they left in December. Except in December they were angels and at that time I didn't realize they would come back for a Sisters Reunion. This time I know.
I'm hoping to have more than four ready to list by Saturday. Here you see I've played a little at my desk. I had these little blocks left over from December and this bunch of sisters will leave with a little piece of the big house, you know it's like taking your memories from home. And of course, their dreams go with them everywhere.

Then, at some point, they will come back for another Sister Reunion.
Enough for now,


  1. And don't they look lovely! Looking forward to the reunion already.

  2. oh my! I literally gasped when they first popped up on my screen! They are gorgeous, the one in the top left corner just speaks to me...oh to have your talent Sharon...

  3. So beautiful !!!!!

    I love ....

  4. Your four sisters are just beautiful! You have a special nice to visit your blog again and see you wonderful work....enjoy yourself! Pat at birdnestontheground

  5. Oh my goodness Sharon, these are so lovely. I just love your style and the spirit that comes through!

    Please only do the meme if you want, take as long as you want to decide! It did not come naturally to me. It is not my idea of what to share on my blog. But it was interesting to remember back and to share. Then choosing 5 bloggers to do it, that was scary, what if they don't want to, don't want them to feel obligated. But some folks really love sharing this way and it seems people really enjoy a different look into our lives. What you do on your blog is amazing and generous.

    Thank you!

  6. Love them, very nice.

  7. Sharon they are wonderful

  8. Well, Pet, since I have one of the Winter Girls, and actually parted with another to give as a gift (hard to do)I know how special these little gems are. I look forward to seeing the finished new sisters.
    xo Rella

  9. It's a beautiful thought... to send the sisters with memories from home and bringing them back together... Like painting a novel. They are beautiful.

  10. The sisters are so lovely Sharon!!! So beautiful

  11. These are absolutely gorgeous! I have a dumb question, do you paint the faces and collage the flowers? Or is the whole thing painted? I think from a past post, I remember you collaging the flowers.-Shonna

  12. Sharon! Having a hard time getting you the swap I will post it right here.

    Robin Mayberry
    601 1/2 S Pine St
    Ellensburg WA 98296

    Can't wait to see your ATCs! The ones that have come in so far are GORGEOUS! You will be a welcome player!

    xxoo Robin.

  13. I am delighted with this story and
    your incarnation for their journey above...terrific concept!!