Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tammie Lee has tagged me. She so kindly told me that I didn't have to respond. Cause I gotta tell you that I'm not to good at this kind of "meme".

But I'll play.
If by my own rules cause I can't help that little thing about meme. So you'll find all the real rules and stuff at her blog.

Ten years ago??
I swear it wasn't memorable because I can't think of a thing to tell you about that. I was right here at this same desk but not playing art. That's a pity!

I'll be careful with my "to-do" list cause you know how I am. If I write it down then I have to do it. Here is one thing on my list for today. I'm going to watch the 2 hour last episode for the season of Gray's Anatomy. What a steamy place to escape to for 2 hours.

If I was a billionaire, I would invent a time machine.
Enough said.

Good grief, you want to know my "bad habits".

Ok, the worst one is I eat too much. And while I'm eating, I think about not eating. I think about how I'm going to quit before the next meal. The whole time between meals, I'm thinking about how I'm going to resist bad foods and only eat good foods. Then it is meal time and it all starts over again. Enough.

Places I've lived. Most of my life right here in central Texas, although not in this city. I was born and raised in the next county over. But I have lived in the Dallas area twice and on the Gulf coast once. I've lived here for 26 years. I have lived for almost 64 years.

Jobs I've had are really not interesting. I'd like to think about what I'm going to be when I grown up.
I think I'm going to be an artist. If I could only grow up.

Thank you Tammie Lee for shouting out to me with this little meme.

What do you think about this? I used fabric, fibers and paper beads to finish off the stapled edge.

Pretty cool? Now it is hanging in the gallery and ready to be listed.

Enough for now,


  1. Sharon, the finished edge on your painting is stunning. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Bravo Sharon! You did it. I hope it wasn't painful, maybe even interesting. You are fun in your honesty and brave. Thank you. Just today an old friend wrote me that he lives in Texas, he loves the land, culture and friends he has made.

    Your art piece is WONDERFUL and I love the edge!Whether you have grown up or not, you ARE an artist!

  3. I really like it! It is very unique!-Shonna

  4. I think you are on to something new here!

  5. i just love your blog! great posts! stop by mine sometime i accept paypal:)

  6. Sharon how fabulous the edge is on your creation. So vibrant.

  7. sharon...i have missed so much while i was the ever-growing sisters series...everything you do inspires me...hugs and blessings, rebecca

  8. Sharon - love the first I thought it was a journal, which we be gorgeous as well. Glad you were tagged, it was fun to learn more about you.

  9. Sharon, love your new canvas. The paper beads are a perfect touch. And FYI I also eat to much:)

  10. I love the way you finished the canvas, you continually inspire me.

  11. The fiber element addition adds such a delightful texture. If visually I am sure tactile-y...

    I looked all through your blog last night...and when I saw the girl with the bird in hand I remembered loving it when I saw IT in Cloth Paper Sissors. ! I LOVE your work and now I have found your blog...


  12. What a creative way to create a frame...I LIKE IT! It's a gorgeous painting too! smiles...