Saturday, May 03, 2008


Norah's running me ragged today. So many projects all at once. She sometimes does the multitasking thing and makes me crazy like some kinda wonder woman artist.
In the middle of doing three, no four things, we had to jump up and go look in the next boxes. We have baby bluebirds in one box but they are not ready for their photo op.
Is this not the sweetest thing? I always talk to the box before opening it so as not to frighten the babies. The momma blue birds always fly before I get even close to the box. Somehow they just know. I have never managed to get a photo of a bluebird on the nest but this Ms Bluebird just peeked right back at me. So I closed it and got my camera ready and opened the side again and just took what I could get very quickly. The sun was so bright but I don't know why it made that round glare right in the middle. We thanked her and came back in.
I'll be checking back in tomorrow. In the meantime we just can't get enough ART today and hope you are having an ARTFULL weekend as well.
Enough for now,
go ahead and click on the photo for a better peek at her


  1. What a comfy nest! You sneaked a great photo. I love that box! Color, pealing paint, texture... all the things we try to recreate in our art. The background of flowers, greenery and water is beautiful. Happy artful day!

  2. My sentiments exactly! Love the peeling blue paint.
    Can't wait to see what you are working on.

  3. sharon! It was great meeting with you and seeing you/your art in person!!What a wonderful time I had!!! Hope to see you again soon!


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