Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosities

Art Curiosities
Challenge Theme by ArtsyMama is "Curiosity". The challenge also had specific instructions for creating a page. (Please check out her blog for that.) For this challenge I was inspired to try paper casting by a great tutorial that Michelle Ward posted here.

My page spread was already painted. The techniques that I used were: paint, text that I found in a junk mail subscription offer received yesterday, paper, writing, sand, stamp, 3-d, surprise, and charcoal. The surprise element was the piece of acetate that I had used as a paint pallet and had also punched out a butterfly for some other project. It is under the paper casting.
For my paper casting I used one of my original doll molds.
This is one of the porcelain dolls made from the mold. She is dollhouse size and is a bridesmaid. I want to tell you more about all of that as I feel I may have gone full circle now. But I am way past bed-time and just must tell you goodnight and....
More later,


  1. Norah, do you want to go completely mad. Have you seen the Somerset Studio publication 'ART DOLL'.
    Combining a past interest with the one one. can be a possible new thing.
    Art and Dolls. Both are art.
    Your work fits it nicely.

  2. Sharon, your page is stunning!!! I love the lush colors and how you personally interpreted that theme by trying out something new. I'm a bit late with the second challenge but hope to post something tonight. And I will have to have a go at that paper casting technique! Thanks for sharing. Ok, need to get my hands on some molds first.

  3. Sharon this is gorgeous!!! I love how you added the writing in white and that paper casting is amazing!!! smiles...

  4. Amazing work! I love the colors and that mould of the face. Your red journal is fabulous too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Sharon! The concept of curiousity lends itself to so many untried techniques. This looks like a fun challenge! Love your original casting from the statue! ~Sharon

  6. Oh my goodness....this is so incredibly creative and unique. Wow...that paper casting is just stunning!!! LOVE your pages:) I'm in awe!

  7. Simply stunning! The colors are wonderful. I also love your red page...actually all of your art is so beautiful!

  8. Oohh, cool. I love how it turned out. I love that it's a 3-D piece. I'll have to consider doing one.

  9. WOW!!!!! You done-did-good!!! And that doll is spectacular too! Do you have a dollhouse also?

  10. Now, you have to explain papercasting to me and is this one of the childrens books you primed last week?