Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let the New Year Begin...please

This will be new. I'm having difficultly getting this new year started. I suggested to my friend yesterday that maybe it was because I just didn't get the old one finished. You know, late Christmas presents, a few cards still not mailed, stuff at the office out of wack because I wasn't there the last week of the old year. Just stuff like that.

But most of all I think it is because I haven't said out loud, not to mention written down, my new year they are called. I always do this. In fact I start thinking about it early in December and when the time comes I have mulled it over enough to proclaim.

This year is just different. I have been mulling a lot of stuff over but I just don't want to proclaim anything. So, here is what I have come up with: I JUST WANT TO KEEP DOING IN THIS NEW YEAR WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE UNFINISHED OLD YEAR. There, I have proclaimed my resolution. It is what it is.

So while I was mulling a lot of stuff over, two words kept banging around in the attic. The first is focus and the second is balance. They are pretty self explanatory and I dare say all of you out there struggle with these aspects in your life just as I do. So, this year I will be mindful of focusing on my family, friends, home, yard, work, and ART while I try to balance them all into the best year ever.

I'm off to finish a purse so...
More later,


  1. Focus and balance would be wonderful for me to achieve this year! I have set some goals for myself and hope to achieve at least part of them if not all. But for me resolutions are a waste of time. I like your proclamation to just keep doing what you have been doing. It's a bit like "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I like that!!

  2. beautifully stated..yes, there is something to be said about staying on the path and continuing the journey! I love that you said focus and balance, those are definitely 2 things I also hope/strive for. Can't wait to see all the art you will do and share in '07~