Friday, January 12, 2007

Warm and fuzzy feeling

This little package just arrived and gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling because it came all the way from across the ocean.

Fiona, you are the greatest and I am so touched.

She sent me some bits of Christmas wrap that I was begging for back in December. But Fiona does this art-on-the-sofa thing kinda like I do art-at-the-desk and she has sent the Most Artful Little Journal that she has filled with her inspiration just for me to play art in. I'm sure I will share the pages with you as I work on them. Oh and also, notice the little ATC and the bluish paper with leaves under the journal. So special.

Well here we are, another Friday. Guess what, I'm getting a 3-day weekend. So excited!
More later,


  1. What a lucky girl you are! You'll have a lot of fun with those :)

  2. What a nice surprise!

  3. You're so lucky Norah! I saw these on Fiona's blog and couldn't hep but think how beautiful the journal is.

    Sally M