Monday, January 15, 2007

HUGE Fight with my muse...

...over hot pink and orange.
You remember her? Sure you do, she came to the True Colors party uninvited. I let her stay. Called her Miss Piggy. Big mistake. So this page of my Flesh True Colors Journal is the Hot Pink and Orange. I don't guess I needed to tell you that. Anyway, we had a humonguous fight, the muse and I. And to tell you the truth, I don't know who was on what side. There was just huge conflict that I couldn't deal with. Couldn't go on. She was too young, too fat, I couldn't love her in this journal.
Yep, I just brushed her away. I can do that you know, I'm the one with the power and the paint.

Funny thing is, I couldn't send her away without getting a shot.

She is history.

And that's all I've got to say.

More later,


  1. LOL! You do ahve the power and she does look better now in a Hans Holbien, Tudor portrait way (that's a good thing, in case there is any doubt!)

  2. Every stage looks fantastic to me !!!

    I did laugh at your fussing with your muse back and forth....

    But see ! you stuck it out and saw it thru and she came out wonderful and surprised you I bet too !

  3. SO crack me up!!! I say let your muse stay! You are ALL good! :-)

  4. LOL! Glad to see that you conquered!! smiles...

  5. how about, rather than; orange, call it: vibrant peach.

  6. Ha-Ha!! ya gotta love that pesky muse, she knows how to get the best out of your ideas!! I love that polka dot tissue paper (Container Store?)..I have some myself and am hoarding it because I can't find any more! Hope your staying warm and de-iced in Central Texas! ~Take care~Sharon

  7. I think she's beautiful either way!
    Gorgeous work! Love the polka dot tissue paper and colors are so vibrant and work so well together.

  8. Sharon,

    This is too weird... I just got finished looking at your archives last night. I got to your blog from Jeannes from Artsy mamas! I was gonna go in today and post a comment, and you posted one to me! Thanks! Are you doing the challenge? I LOVED your heart book! It was so cool and I would love to see how you would do this one. I was doing my page yesterday and I think I'm done. I will probably post it tonight.

    Thanks again!

  9. Oh man! Can I relate! Darn those independent, strong-willed muses!