Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey Look

at this.
It's Friday. A little time for Art- At-The- Desk. Well, I didn't have time, I just took time. I picked up a couple of these little board books at the dollar store that is closing in our little town. I have never worked on a board book and have always wanted to. Well, nothing ever happens before it is time. You know that is my motto.
So, I Did the prep for this one last night and today brought my Goldens in my little art-to-go-bag. I figured I could put a little color on each page in between a little work. Then it would be all ready for something. I know not what.

So much fun. These are 3 3/8inch square. Tiny.

I Went back for more this morning. Today they are $00.20. Yes, twenty cents.
Could you resist that?
No, I didnt' think so.
Me either.
I didn't leave many at the store and I won't tell you how many I got. But won't they be fun?

Now what. OK, ArtsyMama is into another challenge that I was going to resist. But heck, I think I will use this little bitty square book to follow along. It just started yesterday and I can catch up this weekend. Click on over to Artsymama's or I will tell you more about it...


  1. What a wonderful idea. I'm just dying to know how many books you got. Can't wait to see what the end results are.

  2. Is that little strip-y bag what you take to the office? Good golly miss molly...fab idea...if only I could pull that off. Hmmmm...maybe during lunch. I think I better start taking lunch.