Monday, January 08, 2007

Great Weekend!

Remember me? We should never have tried to escape.
Showing what was and then what it became is for my benefit. I like to be able to look back and see the results together.
Oh yes, I miscalculated the placement on the purse. I was really trying to get Ann Kristen's head up under the flap. Thought that would be cool. There is always something that doesn't pan out just so.So this is one project that I finished this weekend. I have more to show but I will wait on that. I have been very flattered with the question of whether I planned to sell my bags. I do hope to be in a position to do that eventually. The fact is they take me too long to make and I don't know where I will find the time to construct enough to think about selling. Right now I really want to focus on the ART and enjoy the process while I balance ....
Have you been thinking about focus and balance? Pretty neat huh? Do we focus on things (family, freinds, art, etc) so we can balance our life. Or do we balance our life so we can focus on things?
Ok, more later,


  1. Cute bag. I can't belive it was once a placemat. The picture on my blog of the " surprise dinner for hubby" that is our TV tray.

  2. Laurie, it wasn't a placemat it was a bit of ART that I worked on earlier in the year. It is various bits of fabric, tissue, my lady and silk flowers all fused together.

  3. Wow you are really cooking with making handbags. It's lovely.

  4. hmmm I am all for balance FOR focus....
    Which reminds me ... I still have a yoga class to get to.

    Love the bag.
    Oh gosh I feel your pain in going thru making this and it is true ! things don't always work the way we plan....! hrmph!

    But your bag turned out GREAT.

    I love that you showed it all and also told what you had been trying to do .

    maybe later you will get the urge again to do this and who knows....even BUILD on your idea here.

    I Love it.

  5. oh yehhh, and I wanted to mention how kool I thought it was that you used the bar of music for her post / stem ..... That was inspired genius !