Thursday, February 08, 2007

Art-At-The-Desk...might get fired

Heart Gift Journal for maryb......

If hearts fall in the forest
Can you hear them?
If hearts fall from the sky
Can you feel them?
If hearts are pink
Can you see them?
My heart is singing
Can you tell?


  1. OMGosh...this is just gorgeous. I love everything about it. Norah/Sharon...whichever muse is in you today...she's in one happy mood, but please don't get fired.

  2. You will not be fired... How could you when you're spreading so much love and beauty...

  3. Gadzooks this is SO cool! Hey I just bought a little board book at Goodwill that I'm going to alter ala Sharon as a V-day gift for the hubbs!

  4. Crikey, this is gorgeous. It looks so delicate and the poem is beautiful too.

  5. Sharon:
    I am going to give up creating and spend the rest of my creative live slobbering over your projects...

  6. That MaryB is one lucky hippy-chick!

    I love the way those hearts are used, all mingled and overlapping. Kind of like all of us in the blogging world...

  7. Oh MaryB, she's a lucky lady!