Monday, February 05, 2007

Tip of the Day

Remember on this post where I said:

I keep an old book handy right beside me to use when it is time to clean
the brush. I first wipe the brush on a page until no pigment comes off and then
I dip (I don't swish) it into my water jar and paint a page with the wash of
color. Very little paint gets wasted. Then I swish to clean the brush. You never
know, on another day, I will need just such a piece of paper for a collage or

OK, my Tip-Of-The-Day for today is: After using a stamp, especially those little foam ones that seem to slurp up that precious ink, go to one of your color washed pages (mentioned above) and stamp and stamp and stamp until it won't stamp anymore. You never know, on another day, you will need just such a piece of paper for a collage or whatever.

More later,

PS Do you enjoy seeing the clutter that surrounds me?


  1. What clutter?
    I copy and paste all of these tips in my working journal so I can have them all handy in one place!

  2. AWESOME tip Sharon! I have OFTEN noticed that the random paper that I use to "kiss off" a stamp which then gets some swipes of paint which then gets paper bits stuck to it ends up looking a piece of art! Thanks!

  3. Fabulous tip! and that's not clutter, that's ART! Your pages are beautiful btw!
    come to my blog for Spring Fling...I hope you'll do this again!!!

  4. I love that you're sharing your tips! Thank you so much, and the visuals are *two thumbs up*

  5. hi. i am fairly new to visiting your blog and today i noticed that your name is sharon and not norah like i had been thinking/assuming. :)
    i went through the archives a bit looking for the she your muse? (also as i was going back through your posts i saw the most incredible work....i need a cup of tea and a few hours one day and i will sit and read every entry!)
    anyway, could you pretty please fill the newer visitors in on the reason your blog is called "norah's"?

  6. Thanks for the tip. I'm new to collaging/scrapbooking and didn't know the foam stamps sucked out all the ink.