Friday, February 09, 2007

maryb...I think it's done.......(edited)

I think this little board book is soon to be on its way to maryb. Since I took the last picture, I have added a little foof, which I am not very good at. So, when maryb gets it she might show.

More later,

Edited to add picture with foof or is it fluff.


  1. It's even more perfectly lovely than before!

  2. Oh, my!!! Maryb, you are one really lucky gal!!! smiles...

  3. I came by a few days ago to view your board book, but blogger was being uncooperative at the time and I was unable to view the photos. WOW, Sharon...this book is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your drawings are phenomenal, the colors are eye-catching, and the composition is true artistry!! It is apparent that you have put a lot of love and care into this creation, and Mary is very blessed to be receiving this stunning work of art.

  4. Yes, I agree I truly am blessed to be receiving HeARTwork from Sharon. I feel like she knows me without having ever met me. I love the foof!!! I've enjoyed watching each page as you've done it Sharon. Yes, life is good!!!