Friday, February 16, 2007

Calendar Doodle for the week

I thought I would share this weeks work of calendar art. I just love using candy papers on stuff. Do you?

I know I said I was on a little break. I really am. I'm not suppose to be doing this. I really should be doing some more real work. I didn't even bring my art-to-go-bag today for art-at-the-desk......but I had an oil pastel set laying right here and I hadn't made calendar art this week. So, here you go.

Now, I still have time to do real work and then I'm going home to play ART. How about you?

More later,


  1. I don't know what you do for "real" work, but you need to quit that job and sell your art. I would buy your old calenders if this is an example of what you do with them. Again a gorgeous piece of art.

  2. How come your "doodles" always look like art? :-)

  3. This is simply faboo and yeah, like "she who flies" said. A doodle? I don't think so....
    Very cool.

  4. Candy wrappers - how kooool.

    This is another calendar "doodle" I presume...?

    It is pretty. Love it.

    Gosh your calendars are works of art - what a nice piece after a whole year of doodles !!!