Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosities

Art Curiosities


She is my muse, my mirror, my right brain, my inspiration. She is the Rose of Sharon. Norah'S presence has been with me for quite a long time. However, I only recently realized that she is my muse. She is where the inspiration comes from. I think she soaks it up and when it's time, just spills it out.

When Bonnie posted prompt 5 I knew immediately what the starting point would be for this page. The photograph. I haven't told what I have been doing with these photographs. It was an Art Curiosity. In a nutshell, I am printing photographs onto 100% cotton paper and then using acrylic paints to over paint them. Why would I want to paint a photograph. Well don't ask me...just curious...still am....will be doing some should try it if you are curious.

OK, do I look 62 in this bit of art? I don't think so either. That would be because I have painted away the wrinkles and age splotches. But I did leave the gray hair.

I have lots of new folks in my audience. And oh how I love that. And oh how love when they leave me comments. One ask who is Norah? So for all those new to all about that here in this post...Who is Norah

More later,



  1. Hi Sharon,
    I'm one of the newbies in your audience. Love the norah name. I sometimes use pamap as my screen name.
    I love that you and I are about the same age, but you are way more of an artist than I am. I do mostly scrapbooking and some art journals and lots of cards.
    Just saying "hi" and I love your board book Valentine book.

  2. Hi Sharon
    Finally the great Norah mystery is revealed to me! Thanks for the link to that post-it has been bugging me!
    I love your little elephant heartist book-maryB is a lucky lady!!
    I am loving your cabinet of curiosities little mini book and the fabulous things coming from it!
    I wanted to tell you, thanks to you, I started my first altered baby board book (first ever!) I am SO pleased with how it is turning out and I will be sure to post the results! PS I did find Gesso here in our craft shops!!
    Thank you again for showing the "how-to" on the altered board books! You are an inspiration!

  3. Sharon, through my daily visits to your blog for months and months, you have become one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Your work never ceases to tickle my creative soul, and your offering for prompt #5 does just that. Thank you! Or should I thank Norah? :-) This spread is AMAZING!

  4. thank you for answering that for me! the page is beautiful. :)

  5. Norah & Sharon are both gorgeous! Loving this as always, but you always do amazing work!!! smiles...

  6. Sharon,

    Love how you mirrored yourself in this page and in your name, Great idea for inspiration page since she is your muse!


  7. That is a beautiful page and the thing about painting a photograph is that we see how YOU see you. I have also begun an altered baby board book but tonight is martial arts night for the kids...sigh...I wish I had a full time housekeeper, let alone a muse.

  8. You look absolutely radient! This is gorgeous:)

  9. Just when I think your last post was my favorite you go and make another amazing piece of ART! Love this and you look absolutely beautiful.

  10. Oh Sharon/ two are AWESOME! :-) I LOVE that you LOVE where you are and who you are! From one woman to another, that just rocks my socks off! I'm SO proud of you!!!

    And this is just SO gorgeous, so telling, and so "Me Closing in on Me!" :-)

  11. What a fabulous idea sand it came out just great! Thx for sharing and for visiting my blog. Come again some day!

  12. Gorgeous!! That is absolutely gorgeous! and you clever thing with the name...I wondered why it would say Sharon yet your blog was Norah's....makes sense now.
    So tell again how you paint these photos? love the look!

  13. this looks great!!
    65?? :O no way!!!!