Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blogger is Being Mean to Me

And I Don't Like it.
a;kf 0957845702-9(@#*&$#())((bad words);afkj39(#*$#&%

It will not let me show and if I can't show I can't tell.

Come back tomorrow.

I've had enough of this a;dlkfj)#(*$%_#)(&$^1


  1. hang in there Sharon! I had to switch yesterday too much to my dismay. I got an email and I had to confirm that message to activate my google acct. Have you done that yet? I'm afraid to change anything else that they are saying I can change ~ I'm afraid I'll lose everything! Hope it all works for you tomorrow. We'll be sad if you can't SHOW and TELL.

  2. HI Sandy at norah's. This is the pitts. I am leaving myself a comment in order to login. But I still can't load pictures. the error says blog ID can't be left blank. well da. it's not.

  3. I'm not liking blogger much either and I've only been at it for a month. I'm wondering if I should switch over to a pay-version of somewhere... I mainly want the "reply to email" option when I respond to a comment, and I'd also like a place that doesn't go down for maintenance so often. I feel your pain!

  4. blogger has definitely been a bugger of late...I find even leaving some comments on blogs just disappear. acck, best to walk away and come back.

  5. Sorry you're having trouble Sharon, hopefully all will settle. I've just dropped in to see your 'wonder' page in your 'wonder'-ful book. It is just stunning.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    Hope you have better luck today. I was trying to put in my old user name and finally figured out that it had to be the email address I entered when I switched over. ALSO, did you get the email to activate your google acct? Once you get it and click on the link it activates your new acct. PLUS, when you go into blogger it is still asking me old acct. or new acct. I tried the old and it wouldn't work so I completely got out and went to the new and put in my email address and password and it worked just fine. GOOD LUCK!