Saturday, February 03, 2007

norah'S here today


Norah'S here today and boy of boy she's got me hopping form one thing to the next. I have about 4 things going but I did get this one finished. I was on another project and she said, "put it down now" and follow me. Well all I can say is "I did. Thanks norah. I'm very pleased with the card. I seriously didn't have a clue until that moment. I wish you, norah, would do a little house blessing sometime." She said, "not today".

I'm prepping a book to alter. I'm making one of my gift art journals to donate to our public library fund raiser. Kinda cool I think because I got the old book from the "discard stack". Now I'm blessing it and giving it back for a silent auction. You know I will show when I have something to show.

I'm also playing a little more in my little heART Valentine journal before sending it on it's way to maryb who won. I'll show you some of that later today too....the Valentine Day Parade of elephants is almost finished.

The rest I'll tell you about....


  1. Very nice! I'd love to see some pictures from start to finish in prepping your book for your art journal. I'd love to start one myself!

  2. Went to the dollar store today and got a Christmas board book for a quarter ~ can't wait to get started on my first!
    Thanks for the inspiration and of course we can bounce off each other!

  3. Gorgeous card!!! I need one of Norah's friends to come visit me! LOL! smiles...

  4. Oh I dare peek when you show pics of the journal, or wait and be surprised...hmmmm, tough decision. I'm still very excited that I won, and I'm telling everyone! (Hubby just doesn't get it, he wants to know what a blog is.)(sigh)