Sunday, July 16, 2006

Flowers and Wildflowers in progress

I didn't really set out to illustrate my favorite things and the things that I love. But it looks like I am doing a little of that. I should have shown this page one step before this; however, it was such a mess that I just didn't. Here is how it came about so far. At the office, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, set the cup down on the newspaper and it made a beautiful circle on my paper. Stopped reading, picked up book, opened to a blank page and stamped circles on the page. Later in the day, I used a stamp that has cursive writing on it but you can't really read it. Then I started to put color on the page. I always experiment on the page in an area that I can cover up with a layer of something. Look close for that experiment in the middle of the page under the pressed rose.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my StazOn stamp pad at the office and the one I used was not waterproof. Had to abandon the watercolor step. When I got home I tried to seal with Matte Medium. I smeared right down the center crease of the book. So, I took it outside and sprayed it with clear acrylic sealer. Surely that would work. Nope. It still smeared. So I used a glue stick and added a layer of green tissue paper. The glue stick even wanted to smear. After I put the green background on I thought this would be a perfect page to include some of my pressed flowers. This might be a little more chunky than...oh well I always break my own rules.
Hopefully today when I get done with some house stuff, I'm going to finish this page. I slept on it and think I know what comes next.
Oh, and by the way, I just love all your nice comments. Thanks!


  1. Norah, your HeART journal is coming along great! Your pages are fabulous so far. I am getting some great inspiration. Can't wait to start tomorrow!

  2. Even with all the trials on this page, it is still turning out gorgeous! Smiles!