Thursday, July 13, 2006

Heart Journal Progress

So, not much progress here. Although I have been working on my little journal. I am a bit frustrated at the moment and thought I would just share what I have going so far and maybe I can get on with it.

Here is the bookmark tag with my list of things. I'm not sure if I will do anything else to the pocket page.

I originally intended this to be a simple, quick altered book about things that I like/love. I was just going to alter each page with pocket, tags, layers and make a simple statement that "I heart ........whatever"

A collection of little heart boxes was going to be used in some way through out. May still do that.

Then the first page that I did (following my impulse) didn't turn out that was at all.

This is the page and it is about walking barefoot on the beach. The big heart with the shell on it is a transparency of one of the heart boxes. The little shells are also transparencies of a shell that I photographed to use for the page. I just made several sizes.
One thing that I am challenged about is that this little book will not hold up to a lot of chunky stuff and so I decided to keep it as "unchunky" as I can by using very lightweight things like transparencies, tissue, watercolor backgrounds etc.
The day I did this pink page....I just needed to do pink. I don't have a clue what else I will do to it. But I decided this book would be a good time to experiment with my new Caran d'Ache NeocolorII set and do more than background. So........
Remember the photograph in an earlier post of this day lily? I know, it's not too good and I still have some diddling to do to it.
And here is another background in progress. I so enjoyed doing the diamonds in my BOD page. Now at this point I have decided that I shall start page backgrounds as the impulse comes and not be stressed about what comes next.


  1. It all looks wonderful! I love the pink page. I know how you feel, not knowing what to do next, not sure you like where it's going. I got that way 2 or 3 times with my BOD.

    You're a talented and creative artist, though, and you'll find a way to take the next step :)

    It's all good!

  2. I like all the pages of your journal. That's the way to do it! Just colour a pink page if that's what you feel like doing, the diamonds are fantastic, the walk on the beach looks 3D and I look forward to seeing more pages of what your 'heart' tells you to do.

  3. OMG! Norah, how can you not be happy with this so far?!? It is gorgeous...I really like that you are showing some of the pages in progress. I have never had much success in collage art so it is nice to see the beginning steps and even these pages are beautiful as they are. I am really looking forward to watching this project progress...btw, that lily is amazing!!! Smiles!

  4. Hi Norah,
    Thanks for leaving one of my first comments on my new blog.
    LOVE your pages and the lily is absolutely gorgeous. The pages are amazing and I'm anxious to see more.

  5. Norah, your pages are wonderful! I promise I will start on mine journal on Monday. Too much unexpected stuff came up this week. I did pick up a few things today that I thought might work well in my Heart Journal.

  6. gorgeous work! I just adore your pages. Such beautiful colors that you use, I am especially fond of the pink dreamy!

  7. Oh my word! These pages are SO gorgeous! WONDERFUL work and thanks for sharing the "in progress." And I adore your hand-carved stamps! Ack! Just so much fun stuff to look at!! :-)