Monday, July 24, 2006

HeART Journal continued

Here is another page in my Heart Journal. I started this page with Christi's creative prompt in this post. I found myself in the circle going around and around. Even though I didn't stay with the prompt, I guess this page is a result of it.
I may not get time to play with my art this week but I do have some fun things planned. My brother and family from AZ will arrive tomorrow. I have some kid ART planned and I will probably show and tell.


  1. This is really soft and pretty!

  2. ooooh, that is absolutely the best way to use a creative prompt...let it inspire you to create something entirely your own.

    And you definitely did that...this is gorgeous!!! LOVE the vines around the edges!! It is all so beautiful!!! What kind of paints do you use on your backgrounds?? I need to go back and check if you listed them on the pages in progress from earlier...Smiles!


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