Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Organizing with "Stash Book"

You know the little Photo Brag Books that have top loading plastic pockets? Well here is what I use one for. When I get done with a page or project and have little do-das left over. I just stuff them in these little pockets. It is really handy then to browse through when some little something is needed. Just sharing.

I keep them right handy in front of my work space. I have several loaded with postage stamps that my Mother saved for me in the sixties and seventies. She worked in a mail room that received mail from all over the world. I'm not a stamp collector so now I have something to do with them. I am so lucky and grateful.


  1. What a clever idea! I've got several of those little photo albums lying around. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I just posted page #1 of my HeART journal.

  2. I keep all mine in a box and waste too much time looking through it over and over again, never thought of doing this! Love your work,has so much energy, beautiful!

  3. Fantastic idea!!! I usually end up throwing away all those little bits...

  4. That is a REALLY good idea.
    thanks for sharing it.


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