Saturday, July 15, 2006

HeART Journal Pages

Here is the Diamond Page from an earlier post. Now finished and with a little story to go with it. I worked on the page at the office. I constructed the little diamond books on the right and knew I would use...or thought I might use the little frame. I needed to cut out the frame but didn't have my cutting mat so that had to wait until I got home.

So, when I got home and sat down in the recliner with my little journal in hand. The little diamond books fell out. I spent at least 15 minutes looking for them. I found one immediately but looked and looked and looked for the other. I turned the chair upside down...searched...searched. Finally, I stuck my hand down the side and could feel it so I turned the chair upside down again and sure enough there it was. But with it was this little high school picture of my DH. Oh my goodness, I thought maybe I can use this in my heart journal. Well impulse by impulse it just came together and I soooo love it! If you saw my "in progress" page of this you might have noticed the diamond in the bottom left corner....I didn't cut the picture. I was this size. Then I had to think of what to journal.
Don't read the's too moochy. I'm just showing how they open for journaling ;0)

Close up on left. I used a transparency again of the heart box. Close up on right of heart. Just to say I used the silver paper from a Reese's cup. Don't throw anything away! It was perfect very lightweight thin...unchunky.


  1. I like how you're able to pull your pages together by following your instincts and going with the flow :)

  2. I love the way that you constructed the diamonds to open for the journaling. And, LOL about the reese's...another kind of love! Gorgeous!!! smiles!