Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hearts and Diamonds

Good Morning, I'm up early. And that would be because I crashed early last evening. I really like showing you my "in progress" pages (I wonder what that means?).
So here is one I'm getting excited about. I stopped to make a little diamond stamp that I think is going to be perfect for this page.
Nope, haven't finished any of the others but will show when I do. You know it. This little book fits in my scanner which is at the office. I think the colors come out so much better scanned because this page really has color life in it and just doesn't show here.
OK, I'm back to it....Making time for ART.


  1. We enjoy seeing works in progress,too. It makes us feel more like we're by your side, seeing how you create, which in turn inspires us.

    Ah, the intimacy of the internet :)

  2. You made that little diamond stamp? Love it esp. the floral detail on it...gorgeous!