Thursday, July 06, 2006

Heart Journal

It's time! I'm ready to start my next altered book. I should say my second altered book. As mentioned in this post, I would love anyone to join me.
A "heart" journal could be about anything or anybody or any place that you love. Or anyway that you wish to interpret the theme. Mine will be about things that I love. Right now it is a list of things that I have added to over the last year...for fun. Now I am going to use my list in some creative way...for fun. I'm not sure at this point what I will end up with. I am going to follow my impulse step by step and see what happens. I will be showing and telling along the way.

Jeanne is going to join me and I think a couple of my friends here in town will too. Maybe they will let me share their Heart Journal too.
I learned so much doing the Book of Dreams with Artsymama that I plan to keep all that in mind as I work on this one. I do plan to go a bit faster, I hope.


  1. Congrats on finishing your BOD! I need to finish mine too, and won't start another book project until I'm done I think. I'll follow your heart project though! :-)

  2. I am so glad you waited a bit to start working on your heart journal. We have had friends in from out of town this past week, so I will be already to get going on it this coming week.

  3. Hi...SO impressed that you finished your BOD!!!! I have to just face the truth...I have abandoned mine. I think I will join you though on the Heart Journal. SO ironic that I visited your blog today and saw this. I have a very heavy heart these days and this would be a good outlet.