Monday, July 17, 2006

HeART Journal Flower page

I think this page speaks for itself and needed little more. It quietly says "I love roses and flowers and wildflowers. I did enhance the coffee cup circles because I like the way they connect the pages and flowers and I didn't want to cover them up. I found the word "Life" in the background. The little Burgundy tag was in my "bag of tricks" and was ripped right out of a shirt or something long ago. It says, "SO... so real. so right". For me, that just said it all about my real pressed flowers and Life.


  1. I like the page even better today. Don't you love having a little "bag of tricks?" I keep one of those too, but mine has accumulated into a BIG box!

  2. Stunning, wow, I could stare at this garden forever!

  3. OMG!!! I thought it was awesome yesterday, but you added the PERFECT little touches!!! LOVE the highlight on the word and the tag...PERFECT!! Smiles!