Saturday, July 15, 2006

HeART Journal Pink Page

Remember the Pink Page? Here it is. It's about how I love hot tea with lemon and some other things too. I have this little bag that I stuff "found objects" in. Like feathers, pretty postage stamps, bits of ribbon (second hand off of those pretty invites that people are doing these days). Anyway, I thought to take a fresh look at what was in my bag of tricks and there was this little tea bag (perfect pocket) and the bit of sheer ribbon. I'm still loving my little diamond stamp so I embossed the diamonds for this page. More from my list of favorite things. Hot tea with lemon. Spring and Summer. Cherry Limeaid. Gardening Books and Green.


  1. Pink! I love Pink! I make have to do a pink page myself since I find myself using pink most frequently in my artwork.

  2. Oh my goodness...this is all so gorgeous! I love the effect of the little hint of lace... Smiles!