Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back burner break butt kicker

Here is evidence I'm getting ready for a weekend adventure.
A little ways down the road.  And it might feel like a vacation!

I moved the postcard challenge to the back burner for a break. Iceland, the next prompt is a butt kicker.  Can't find an artist that makes me swoon. 

When I need to clear out all the chit-chatter, I stitch. I needed to stitch.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is what play looks like

I pretty much played all day yesterday with this page. Evidence here.
I thought painting a head/bust only instead of a whole story would be faster. Not so. I just zoned out and enjoyed every moment. 
I keep forgetting to give the reference art link.  The week was Singapore and after a Google research, I chose the self portrait of Georgette Chen.  Each page is painted by me using the reference.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

cause I need to play too

Things are stacking up over here. 
just stuff.
I feel the need for a list.
the sheets must be washed this weekend
and the clothes too
the desk needs to be uncluttered
and the work table too
the carpet needs to be blessed
and the others floors too
the fridge needs to be purged 
and my closet too
art supplies need to be organized
and my shoes too
and then,
the gardens;
I shall put Singapore first on the list
cause I need to play too

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Nouveau

I really do like the Art Nouveau style and this one drew me in. The napkin for the postcard pocket had creamy berries that made me think of the white monkey heads on her dress. I know, I know, they are flowers but......  

To see the spread together, go to the Postcard Challenge tab....or just click here.
I didn't make any headway this week with catching up on the challenge and since my book is not going to hold all 52 weeks worth, I'm thinking I will skip #12 Israel.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Thousand Times

I have faced this screen One Thousands times. That's 1000 blog post since May 2006!  I knew it was coming up and I gave some thought to how or if I should celebrate.  The celebration part hasn't materialized yet but I decided my 1000th post would be one of the things that gives me the most joy. And that is sharing and showing and telling.  So yesterday, before I got too far into this page in my Postcard Journal, I started taking photos. 

For this page I'm painting a "fake" of "The Bride" 1893 by Johan Thorn Prikker (1869-1932) who was from the Netherlands.  I'm not sure what Professor Doctor Tad Keys will have to say about it, but here is what I can tell you. 
I am painting on the book page and before this first photo, I used gesso with sage green paint to cover the big dark alphabet that was on the page.  I do not always use gesso but I knew this sketch was going to be very detailed and could not handle any visual/mental interference.

I used vine charcoal on the larger shapes and then used a pencil for the small detail.  
I tried to "read" the layers that I could see and it seemed the whole page had a green cast.  In other words, every color had some green in it. That is why I started with the green under painting. Once I was happy with the sketch, I went over the charcoal lines with pencil and then wiped away the charcoal dust.  I was at the desk here in town with limited supplies; therefore, I used a Sharpie Fine Point and went over the heavy lines. Now I regret that I could not wait to get home for a finer pen.
Here I have painted the funny flower shapes that looks like heads or skulls to me. I used titanium white and the purpose was to save the shapes/sketch.

Very subtle changes here.  In the first one I started adding a green glaze over the dress area with Jenkins Green fluid acrylic. I also used titanium white with matte medium over the dress. In the third shot, I started adding very light layers of color within the other shapes and painted the white flowers again. At this stage, if feels a lot like coloring book or paint-by-number.  But remember, I am trying to fake this. 
Little by little more layers of color. Notice the dark outlines are being faded out in some areas.
more color definition 
Today, I brought a black Vellum Writer and used the fine point to outline some of the shapes in the background.  The thinner line in the background gives some depth.
It is hard to tell what I have done but I just kept gradually adding layers of color.
Here I started working the background in the top. But notice, I have painted the tulip stems away in the bottom left.
more layers of color
I painted the white monkey heads back in, the white lines around the bride, the black line detail and signed it.

I could take this a bit further but I'm happy with it and will see what Professor Dr Tad Keys has to say.
I hope you enjoyed this One Thousandth post.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Greetings

This is all I managed this week. 
Hope you are all enjoying a great weekend. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Face painting and stitching

I'm taking a breath to recharge.
I needed to put my postcards on hold long enough to paint these Inktense Faces on Fabric samples.  Actually, I wanted to make dolls with them but ran out of time for that.
I thought seeing what I did with them instead of making dolls might inspire you. My DVD, Inktense Faces on Fabric is still available.  If you are interested, just click here on the DVD Shop tab.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spreads speak

I will let the photos speak for themselves except to say, I used napkins on the pages. Otherwise, I would probably never get caught up.