Sunday, November 23, 2008

Loving Hands

I woke this morning from the most unusual dream I can ever remember. The vision is leaving as dreams do; however, the thing I remember is that I was amazed with what my brain had been entertaining me with. I think the dream lasted only seconds. It wasn't one of those that goes on and on.
There was a very large stage. I think I am the only one in the audience and it was dark. There was a piano situated at stage right. The curtains were a beautiful dark maroon and there was a chorus line of beautiful girls of all ages in dresses. But here is the thing. When I woke, I knew it was in color and now I can't remember what colors. They were singing but now I can't tell you what. And it was choreographed. They were singing in harmony but then one would have special part and the sound was just so beautiful but now I can't remember it. And they were moving around to the beautiful sound. They weren't dancing. They were moving around.
Well, as I write the dream memory, it is not so entertaining but really what I was amazed about was that I was dreaming in color with sound and choreography. I don't remember having color and sound in my dreams and what does my brain know about choreography....that is not dancing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been Tagged

and I've been running just as fast as I can. you go
Tagged by
Toni Curtis and

for some Random or Unknown or Crazy things about ME.

1. Do my new shoes count? I'm not the only one in town with them. No you don't bounce off the ground.

2. I hate to shop for clothes. So I have none.

3. I love to shop for art supplies.

4. This morning I needed to paint something before I could leave the house. So I tried out these new colors on some scrap card stock. Collage fodder.

5. Last night I dreamed I was driving down a dirt road with someone and I saw a beautiful tree that had been drawn in the dirt in the field with very unusual branches. I woke up looking for my camera.

6. Today I'm wondering who did that...tree drawing in the dirt.

7. I have an article being published in Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Spectacular!

Enough for now,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Joy Received

JOY was received in this pretty little envelope from my friend Rella.

And what fun to receive a scramble of found words. I'm working on the message and loving the little print of her special art also enclosed.

If you haven't sent out mail should. It sends and brings so much joy all along the way.

In the meantime, I'm having so much fun
Now, don't get any ideals that
on all ETSY orders; but,
I finally listed
Sister's Wedding
you buy it and
mention the word "Expect"
in your order comment,
I will send it in just such a box.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Painting Day Dreams

I had one.
A day dream.
About a face.
A face in the middle of a great big canvas.
Painted with strong colors.
And rays of bright colors extending from the face.
I was haunted with the thought.
And on the lookout for more inspiration.
Then I found this sketch from a few days earlier.
I knew it went with the day dream.

A page in my Visual Journal.
I never finish without thinking about do-overs.
But that is the great thing about journal pages.
You love them anyway.
And who knows, I may revisit this day dream.
Have a great week.
Enough for now,

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mailing Box

I got to the end of the internet quickly this morning. Could be because not much going on out there. Could be because I took no detours. And it could be because I passed by without saying HI.

So Hi, Hello, how are you?

I'm having a great weekend. I finished scanning all the butterflies. And printed a few that will surely show up on my next work. I'm just about to go and start that but here is what I did last night.

It is my first "face on a box" for mailing. This will go out tomorrow because it is already with the address covered by the stamp. It is a small box. But just right for a little surprise.

OK, enough for now.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blog Love xoxo

Today is catch up day so I'm blasting a few post out to show all the blog love I have received over the past couple of months.

This first love package is from Regina....a girl of many names. She goes by Gina too and her blog is Soul Glo.
I won a drawing on her blog and you wouldn't believe the goodies she managed to get into this package. But look, she sent me pictures of long lost relatives and a stamp collection book full of stamps. Oh what inspiration.
A few days later, I received another package form Gina with this Book, The Decorated Journal, by Gwen Diehn. It is a great book on creating various art journals.

Thank you Miss Soul Glo Gina. xoxo

My Arizona brother and family vacationed in Sweden this summer. Sweet Kristen saved and sent me napkins for their trip.

Thank you xoxoxo

More Blog Love

This wonderful package came stuffed full of all kind of papers, stamps, napkins more of my lost relatives. Art they cute.

Notice the picture in the lower left corner of the Art Mail. And then notice the picture in the middle on top of the envelope. And then .........

.....take a closer look at the picture here.

Last summer when I posted the photograph on my blog, Patricia at Bird Nest On The Ground was inspired and ask permission to use the photo to make one of her miniature fabric art landscapes.

It is beautiful. She replicated the photo in fabric and thread....wish you could see the tiny stitches.

But there is more!

After I admired a vintage "Church Purse" on Pat's blog, she made me one.

She studied the original and was able to make a wonderful copy of it. It is so sweet and I love it.

Thank you Pat, xoxo

And More xoxo

A few weeks ago I received this surprise in the mail from Zorana.
She was so clever with the wrapping. But look, the mail art envelope is painted in the Kelly Rae Roberts style which was a big clue about the contents. After carefully opening my surprise...what is this. Wrapped again. I opened the white wrapping with the cute "discover" collage and OMGoodness. Another wrapper with Zorana Roses painted on it. I finally slipped out the book. What a fun day that was. I was feelin the blog love. Thank you my bbff for thinking of me.
By the way, I recommend Kelly's book. It is a very unique book and I am enjoying it very much.

Last Blog Love xo

Royal Mail. I love that.
I knew when I saw the face on this beautiful Mail Art envelope that it from Fiona. I recognized her style.
This beautiful package was full of wings. Pages of wings. You see, you may not know that Fiona is my wing supplier. This is not the first time she has supplied wings to me. And I have shared with many of you. If you received mail from me, you may have received wings.
Now, I am caught up with sharing the blog love. The sheets are washed and back on the bed. I have restacked the stacks on the art table. It is good enough. I can now merge all the ephemera and treasures together with my stash. I will start scanning the wings.
I am inspired to paint ladies on Mail Art boxes/envelopes. And will. And Norah's inspired to paint........oh I'll wait and fill you in on that next post.
Enough for now,
Sharon having a great weekend!

One Feather Page

She took the dare.

And it arrived yesterday in this crazy fun box.

With some of those "looking-in-the-clouds" creatures.

Of course, don't you know I had to add some paper napkin fishes and flowers.

I'll be catching up on some blogging this weekend and washing some sheets and finding some order in the studio and making some art and just chillin.
Enough for now,

Friday, November 07, 2008

Going home

I can't go anywhere. Look what happened to my shoe today.
But look at that leather on top. Don't you think I should keep that for future use on a journal cover or something? I'm sure I should.
I'm going home now.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Feather

Another "found" poem from the text in my old dictionary. Can you wait to see the page a little later in the week?

I'll be back for sure to show.

Have you been looking for new poems?

Just wondering,

Saturday, November 01, 2008

and brave,
in the middle
a lullaby
I'm going
I am
and besides that, i have cleaned from top to bottom, ceiling to floor, wall to wall, under and over, one room. many more to go.