Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning ART

For today's MorningART, I made these bezels.  Now that I know how to actually make a piece of jewelry, I am excited to make more Of Towers & Turrets. (session 2 starts Friday)  I haven't poured the resin yet but the image that I used is from this collage sheet.

The current MorningART videos continue and 7th in the series was posted today.
♥ Sharon

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Have Babies

 They are fresh.
Not sure if the 5th egg will hatch.
Maybe this is too soon for your viewing but I think it is a beautiful thing. 
Go ahead, click on the picture.


3rd in series of Morning Art videos is posted

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Morning World

I am feeling so full of some kind of cosmic energy today.  I can't explain it. It is just when you feel like you need to be doing three or four different things all at one time and you actually do manage to pull it off.

I rose early this morning feeling so rested and ready.  First thing I did was edit a new Morning Art segment.  I uploaded it which takes a couple of hours on my faster that slow and slower than fast net connection.

While that was happening:
I edited a couple more Morning Art segments.
Took down the Christmas stockings and put them away.
(Yea me! The tree is next)
Walked a mile on My Path.
Discovered that I uploaded the wrong Morning Art file. Deleted it and started again.
Showered and made ready for office. Made my lunch.
Videoed another segment of Morning Art which means I painted.
Grabbed my lunch.
Jumped in the car.
Start engine.
Radio is on classical which always makes me take a deep breath and totally release and let go and move into the day ahead. 
a mixed media face painting and fabric collage class
starts in 2 days case you missed it, I added a little 3 minute video at the top of my page here of actual class footage. Take a look-see.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Just a Monday morning reminder,  my new class starts Friday.  And while I'm at it Of Towers and Turrets starts the following Friday. Plus the other classes are always open and ongoing.  I look forward to seeing you.

go to allnorahsart.ning for class information
and Paypal

Tree Castle Apron
a mixed media face painting and fabric collage project
Registration on going
Class starts March 25th
$ 75.00

Of Towers and Turrets
Session Two
Registration now open
Class starts April 1st
$ 130.00

Faces: All Norah'S
Registration on going

$ 65.00

Faces in Technicolor
Registration on going

$ 55.00 

I Look forward to seeing you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huge Studio Heat Gun

 I have a huge heat gun in my studio. 
Set on delicate,
 Go take my shower.
It is dry and ready to start a "Morning Face"
Morning Art. 
Morning ART Videos.....coming soon. 
♥ Sharon

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Design

And I'm wearing it today.  I think I did pretty good for my first.  My teacher will be so proud of me.  Did you notice that I started a jewelry journal.  I'm adding all my notes from my teacher's class videos in this journal along with my design sketches and who knows what else.  The pages are 6" x 17" which is really cool and a little awkward at the same time. But sure is fun.
♥ Sharon

pS...yES, i'M stretchING mYselF a little thin.  But if my neck showed thinness, I would have shown you my face. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Class Footage

Hello, Good Morning,
I put together a few sneak peeps and peaks of actual class footage.  This is really a fun class and did I tell you that the supplies are very limited and inexpensive.

Hope you will join me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Build Zone

As you know, my friend, Deryn and I are running a Second Session of our class Of Towers and Turrets. Registration is open now and the session starts on April 1st.
But, did you know my friend, Deryn has a class called The Build Zone that is still in session?  I am taking her class and these pictures are from my first efforts.  While watching her videos, I took detailed notes and then went to the table and tried the techniques. I kept practicing until I thought "I got it".  
I was very anxious to design my own piece of jewelry using a focal from Of Towers and Turrets.  But jewelry design seemed to come slow to me.  Here is what I learned; I think it felt so unfamiliar and difficult to me because I don't wear jewelry.  And I have resisted making it and learning how to make it for various reasons. But I'M HOOKED!!!
Here is something else I learned;  I'm also hooked on making little sketches of the planned piece.  I discovered this while at my desk in town with the box of elements and beads all laid out in my design.  I was so frustrated that I couldn't be at my desk at home putting it together.  And thinking I would never remember the layout. I started this little sketch and Oh My! What fun that was.
Now at home, I can follow my sketch step by step.  As it comes together, I can make little changes if I want.
This is the beginning.  I will work a bit more on it today but the weather here is so beautiful that I think I will also go outside and work in my gardens and yard.
Enjoy your weekend,

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Blue Bird Box

They are back.
I'm not sure when to expect babies because I just discovered their return.
They have been pretty sneaky this year. 
But they must love the accommodations.
♥ Sharon

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Of Towers and Turrets - Session Two

Deryn Mentock and I had such a great time, the first time around, we're offering it again...registration for our popular online class Of Towers and Turrets is now open, once again!
Session Two 
Start date:     April 1st (no foolin)
End date:     June 1st
Registration will close for this session May 1st
Of Towers and Turrets class fee is $130.00

Deryn and I were absolutely thrilled with and humbled by the response to this online workshop and inspired by the work that came out of it. We're so pleased to be able to offer it again. If you love collage, painting, jewelry making...even rubber stamp carving...this class has got you covered. We hope you'll join us. Click on over and see our class site.
If you want to take a class
You are not already a member of my class site, please sign up first.
Then, you will find a Paypal button within the description of the class that you wish to take.

student spotlight
And now, I would like to spotlight some of our students from the first session.

One of the things that thrilled me was how they watched the videos and then "made it their own".
"The Teacher"
Castle towers mixed media
Castle towers mixed media 
Castle towers mixed media 
Tower bezels 
Castle Tower mixed media
Tower bezels 

Tower bezels focal pieces are from Of Towers and Turrets class
Elements to complete the piece of jewelry from Deryn's class, The Build Zone.

I know you enjoy blog hoping, so check out these talented artist. 


Monday, March 07, 2011


12 x 12

Here it is.  Had a crazy fun time painting Saturday.  This is from my whisper of inspiration.
Just wish I could get a better photo to share.

The desk calls,
♥ Sharon

Sunday, March 06, 2011

ART at the SPEED of LIFE - Blog Tour Day 6

In this little town where I live, not many know about "the speed of life". You can go just about anywhere from anywhere in 5 minutes. I live in the country and it takes me 8 minutes to get to my desk downtown.
I know about ART at the SPEED of LIFE though.  That's Pam Carriker's book but what I mean is, I do know about art at-the-speed-of-life.  I manage to grab art-time early in the mornings before going to that other desk downtown.  But I'm also known to grab a little art-time there too.  That's why Pam invited me to share "From the Desk of..." in her book and now on her Book Blog Tour.  Thank you Pam.
The first thing I thought about when invited to participate in the blog tour was the Tour of Homes that this little town has at Christmas time.  I thought about how those homes are showcased with every thing looking perfect and festive and how much everyone enjoys seeing inside other's homes.  And then I thought what fun it is to see other bloggers art desk and studios.
Therefore, From the Desk of Sharon Tomlinson, here's mine.  It isn't looking perfect and festive but it is looking like I have been playing art-at-the-speed-of-life and I have.  This is the aftermath of my latest big project. I just finished preparation for a new online class and when I'm grabbing every moment I can, things get a little out of sorts.

I videoed from four different stations here in my art studio as well as three stations in my sewing studio.  As you can see, the mess followed me.
Pam's book will be a great addition to anyone's art library.  And I know you will enjoy the blog tour also.  The links are down below ready for you to click out the door.  But thanks for coming and do come back.


1-MAR - Crescendoh - Jenny's Blog

2-MAR - Suzi Blu

3-MAR - The Altered Page

4-MARCH - Suzan Buckner

5-MARCH  - Sue Pelletier Laugh*Paint

6-MARCH - All Norah's Art-Sharon Tomlinson

7-MARCH - Faerie Enchantment

8-MARCH -  My Collage Art

9-MARCH -  Always Chrysti

10-MARCH - Lisa Bebi's Art Blog

11-MARCH - Sweet Repeats

12-MARCH - Living Out Loud

13-MARCH - The Feathered Nest

14-MARCH -  Paulette Insall

15-MARCH - The Art of Julie Bergmann

Enjoy the tour,
♥ Sharon

Friday, March 04, 2011

New Class Face Painting Example

Yes Good Friday Morning!!!!

I am beside myself with excitement because it is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and the next day is Sunday! (weekend)

Here's why. Last night probably about 9:30 while in the chair zone with some nonsense on the screen, a little snag of inspiration popped right up and out. My first thought was, "I have to sketch this before I forget." Second thought, "on what?" Then, I remembered the new supply of 12 X 12 canvases that I ordered at the beginning of the year. I jumped up and fetched one along with a piece of charcoal all the time thinking how proud I was of myself for listening to the whisper. That is what it is, you know. Inspiration is a whisper.

This morning I bounced out of bed way early because she was waiting. Love my early morning art time with that kind of excitement and a sketch waiting.

I thought about doing a "Morning Art" video but I was too anxious to start painting. I plan on getting back to those morning videos now that I have conquered my new camera and editing.

So, top on my weekend list is to paint and paint and paint my new canvas.  Sorry, I can't show you until I finish cause I didn't take any progression photos.

I did take progression
photos of this
"Queen of her Tree Castle"
on the left which is
an example of the
face painting that
I'm teaching in my
new class,
Tree Castle Apron
a mixed media face
painting and collage

Did you notice that
I put a little video
about about the
new class right up
there on the top
right sidebar?

Take a look
and then for
click over to 
my class site.

It will be so fun if you join me.
♥ Sharon

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ECourse is ready!!

Tree Castle Apron
a mixed media face painting and fabric collage project

If you love painting faces, you will love discovering one more medium to paint with and one more substrate to paint on.

This is a technique and project class. I will share technique demonstrations from both my art studio and sewing studio. You will be able to follow along the videos and fun patterns to fashion a beautiful apron that you will want to wear every time you are in your studio. Your apron will be a special, one of a kind, project adorned with funky tree castles, journaling and of course your princess will take center stage.

This project is all about function and beauty. When you wear it while creating, you will feel special and full of inspiration.

In this class I will demonstrate:

♦ A face painting technique on fabric with Inktense

♦ Altering fabric scraps with over painting and stamping

♦ Basic sewing and free motion stitching

♦ Stamping and journaling on fabric

Artist Level: all levels interested in adding fabric to the mix

Course Duration: Start date March 25th and ongoing

Course Fee: $75.00

You will need a sewing machine; however, if you love hand stitching, you can probably adapt with your own style.

To join this group, sign up at my Class site. After you have paid for the class, you will receive an invitation to enter the lecture hall.

I look forward to seeing you there.
♥ Sharon

Having trouble getting the Paypal button working at the Ning site.
It works here!