Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Colors in her hair

This progression is mostly about the flowers.
I thought it would be interesting (for me) to see how they slowly change with a stork of the brush. 

The changes from picture to picture are subtle; however, if you've a mind to linger, you will see every brush stroke.

I couldn't help but think about the beautiful Easter egg colors.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Progression from U-glee

Did you think I could leave her that u-glee?
I'm actually not done with her yet and at this rate, 
I expect to be working on this canvas for a couple more months. 

I know. 
I may lose you in the process from boredom. 
I just can't seem to stay with it. 
My dirty little secret is, standing or sitting at my new gi.gan.tic easel seems to aggravate the pain in my back.
I was with out my computer for several days. I tried to stay in the loop with my iPhone. WOW! it is doable but oh my how I do love my computer!
Speaking of iPhone, I have been instagraming for a while now but I don't know how to tell you where to go. 
I think you'll know.
I think just search for my name.
Do you know who I am? 
Sharon Tomlinson
should be Enough.
Speaking of Enough which is my 2013 word. 
Today, I added a sub-word.
"Let Go"
It goes together in a sort of way and I'm sure I will expand on that.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Progression progresses

The "something" that I saw that got that swirling feeling  on my inside was a color palette, for one thing.
But it was in oil and I had little hopes of replicating the smokey, grayed, soft, rich, subdued colors. 
My background is in oil and I do love them; however, I'm not wanting to invest in them now. 

So, I thought OK, I'm challenged.
I spent some time in the chair zone just thinking about my acrylic paints and how or what I would mix.
Well, guess what?
Right before me was the Matisse paints that I started this painting with. 
I picked up a brush and started mixing and just playing on the card stock (at the bottom) and was absolutely amazed at how easily I could match the colors (above).
I have five more colors on my wish list. 

In the meantime, my big painting just keeps going and going. I keep changing and changing.
I guess the whole purpose was to learn how to use these new paints. 
I love how that happens.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Day

I stopped to give you an update.
But I'm not going to say anything...
yesterday, I was ready to tell you that 
I'm not having fun.
I'm not enjoying painting.
I'm forcing myself.

Then today,
I saw something and it was Enough.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Confusion in WIP

 Oh my what confusion I caused when I veered away from my cello sketch where these three meet. 
I got too far along before I realized what a mistake it was.
I really do wish the one in the back was not so far back.
Then it became one of those, 'who's on first' things. 
My intention was for the middle of the five to be in front.
Then as I was painting the one on the end, she kinda got moved to the front. Although I don't think I captured a shot at that point.
 It was totally changeable with the line from the shoulder down.
It seemed like who ever I was working on got moved to the front. 
And as I was so confused while painting, I thought the viewer would be very distracted as well. 
My remedy was to make something pretty to be distracted with instead of the lines.
I don't really know if it works.
But I like it. Enough. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Commentary that flows in a WIP

 I was playing this game with myself.
If I get out my my chair, I have to pickup at least 5 things and put them in their place.
This studio has become a pig sty....without the odor.

That is when I picked up a collection of pretty paper lace doilies that had been on the work counter for longer than I can remember.

I have used them before but I must tell you that I haven't felt too successful in the past.
That is to say, there was just something that I did not like after gluing them down. 
 It happened again. 
I glued them down and then didn't like them. 
You know that I love a challenge. 
Especially the challenges that I unknowingly set up for myself. 
So, I picked up something to scrape with and started scrapping. 
Hey, wait!
I like this deconstructed look. 

It reminded me of a rubber stamp that I made long ago.
So, I found the stamp and began to stamp with it. 
I didn't care that I was not getting a perfect image.
In fact, I like that it was not perfect. 

Next, I added some paint dots and did some shading under the collar of the head scarf. 
I'm sure I will continue with this.
But for now,
it is Enough.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

A commentary that flows in WIP

This week has been really busy. I have been busy doing a lot of nothing and I have been busy doing a lot of some things. Still, I can't seem to stick with this painting for more than a few minutes at a time. When I'm doing nothing, I want to be painting and when I'm doing some things, I want to be painting and when I'm painting, I don't want to be painting. OK, you get the idea. I'm going loony! And have very little fight left in me. 

Thank you to the person who suggested heat from my ailing back. The chair zone is now equipped with a heating pad and I have found that the place to be.

So, today I started to share a few minutes of this painting and decided to just show the progression of the floral on this ones head along with the commentary that flows through me and to the canvas. 

  • Know that there is not one square inch of the 30 X 40 canvas that I consider finished.
  • I like the floral tissue that I used on the right side (see earlier post).
  • I didn't want to use the same pattern on all 4.
  • But I did want to use the same colors.
  • The first picture above is where I left off in the last post. I painted over the area with a green. I swear, I don't remember what that was. I just wanted to block some of the red. Now, I'm thinking I would be happier if I had used white as I did on the first one on the right. 
  • In the second picture, I scrubbed in Golden fluid acrylic Green Gold and Jenkins Green.
  • I'm not trying to get complete coverage in any parts of this canvas.
  • Then I decided to use the same tissues as used on the right side but instead of tearing medium size pieces of tissue, I cut squares/rectangles approximately 1 inch and glued them over the area. Picture three.
  • The colors were there but I didn't like the scale of the tiny patches of color. 
  • So, about 15 minutes before I had to leave to do some things, I picked up a brush and squeezed out some paint and painted a few brush stroke flowers. I'm sure I will tweak this some more but I'm pleased with the results so far. 

I have a couple more post scheduled like this. It is my intention to share weather you want me to or not. 

I don't want to play the Facebook game any more. I'm still gonna be there sharing some things. After today's post, I'm not going to link my blog post over there as I have been. 

I hope if you are interested in seeing my shares, you will follow me in some other way. The web has become too tangled for me. Enough. 

I need to simplify. 

Monday, March 04, 2013

Sister Friends in progress

This may take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
But mostly because I did something weird to my back some days ago and can't stay with it very long at a time. 
I adjourn to the chair zone ..... a lot.

And then there is Monday-Wash day.

I will leave you with the pictures to scrutinize the changes.

Are you painting along with me?
I think you should.
Enough for today.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

This and That in progress

Face Places
Face Sketches
Hand Sketches
Face Painting
Napkins were nagging at me
at 4:20 PM (now)
Thank you for watching. I am enjoying all of your comments. This is going slow for me and I feel the struggle. I thought I wanted the color and now it is nagging at me. I am happy with the addition of the napkin they were nagging at me too.
More later,