Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Petticoat Bride

I was feeling my mojo last night and had to keep going. 
This is an 8 x 24 canvas which I always adore the final results.
However, the size is awkward to paint on, as well as, hard to photograph. 
I'm thinking I will paint her veil around to the other side before I give it the final seal and varnish. 
Showing the two side by side is for my benefit. 
Because the proportion is a little off, I wasn't feeling a hand. 
I could imagine her hands behind her with the way she is standing so proud.  
I had a most enjoyable day.
♥ Sharon
PS:  Manon Popjes played ART with me and the challenge.  Visit her to she how she "painted words"
PSS: Don't forget to let us know if you "painted words"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Petticoat in progress

I have a long long long way to go.

For now she just has her "red Petticoat".

Next she will be a bride.

I spent some time yesterday browsing old Martha Stewart mags looking for anything red for collage.

I just wanted to show that I did get started on my own challenge and report my foot is feeling a little bit improved.  I already had a doctor appointment scheduled for next Wednesday before this episode.

Back to my desk.
♥ Sharon

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chance, Luck and Destiny

I'm wondering, are you up for a challenge?

I am feeling really challenged right now as by mere chance last night I injured my poor sick foot and can not even stand on it.
I am trying real hard not to think of the possibility of missing my Italy trip.
Or at the least, I'm trying not to think of hobbling through the Rome airport.
It is making me feel sick with swarms of some creatures in my stomach.
And I'm just trying to get my mind off of the pain with a challenge of my own doing.
I am always ShArOn.
While gathering some papers and text and images and other collage ephemera
for my Italy trip,
I found a poem in an old book, Chance, Luck and Destiny, that I have used for a visual journal.

I am getting to the challenge....really

This is only one page of  the poem.
The poem is by Peter Dickenson and is from his book, Chance, Luck and Destiny.

So, here is the challenge:

I am challenged to "paint words" sometimes.  Are you?
When I read the first lines of this page,
"Ow, Lady in red petticoats,
Now will you be my bride?"

I was listening to my imagination when it went wild!
I haven't started anything yet and so I thought there might be someone out there who would enjoy a little kick-start.

If those words inspire you to "paint" them,
I hope you will jump in and join me.
If you do, let us know. We will want to see.
♥ Sharon

Friday, September 17, 2010

Secret Moments

I did it!
From the original painting shown at the top, I have cropped sweet spots and composed a collage sheet that is now available
as a digital download at my Etsy shop.

There will be more.  I really think this is something that will inspire and encourage creativity.

♥ Sharon

Thursday, September 16, 2010

You are pretty

Did you know I too am a student at Of Towers and Turrets online workshop?
It's true and I have to say I learn a new lesson with each pendant that I make.
Actually, now that I think of it, I feel the same way after each of my paintings.
What I'm saying is there is always one little something that I might do different or change.

The top three photos are my pendant shown laying on the original piece of art.
Did you notice how I made a new little collage in the pendant.
That is one of the things that excites me about this project.
I am very excited to tell you that I am about to offer collage sheets from the original Castle Towers paintings;
as well as, from the original Towers and Turrets paintings.

There are endless possibilities of designing little collage pieces for the pendents.
I have several ready to list but I might have to just get it done one at a time.
I keep waiting for a big enough block of time and that just isn't happening.  

One more thing.....where did this week go to?
I will be flying to Italy is 16 days.
OK, that was random to you but oh my how it is on my mind.
♥ Sharon
PS:  Glitter for the princess is another thing that excites me about this project.
PSS:  Do you remember that piece of an old ear ring that I shared in an earlier post? That's it between the bezels....another thing that excites me about this project.
PSSS:  Thank you to all my "followers" and "commenters"....You are Pretty!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm working on a little project that is in experimentation mode.  I simply have nothing else to share so there she is. 

I am also without words today.
♥ Sharon

Friday, September 03, 2010

Two Girls

I started two girls last weekend and hope to continue and finish this weekend.  Sometimes I'm OK with 15 minutes of progress at a time and sometimes it is not good for me.

I get bored so quickly and want to move on because while I'm painting, I am zoning out to another and another and another in my head.

That brings on so much frustration becuase there is not enough hours in a day or I should say in a morning to get them all painted.

I brought them through the ugly stage.  Well almost through it; however, when the painting is injected with hours between little spirts of progress, then I begin to question everything about it.

Not everything about the painting but my style and why it looks the way it does when that is not what I want it to look like.  
I see/find inspiration everywhere. This piece was inspired by magazine pictures. And here is what I think about that.
It is rather obvious but I think when I am looking at photos of real people for reference, then I can't get the whimsy that I like. And when I'm painting from my minds eye, I'm not sure I get the depth that I want. 

I will continue to think about this through the weekend and maybe put the two together somehow.

Are you totally confused?  I am!
♥ Sharon