Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifty years of wedded bliss

Wish I could remember who took these pictures 50 years ago. 
Must have been my Mom.
If we make it to Saturday, we will have made it 50 years. 
Doesn't seem like it. 
He still has those sexy legs. 
Me, not so much. 
I made the shirts in the top photo.
We matched ;0)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Sun Angel

Sun Angel 
I jumped right out of my Postcard Journal this week. I had to.  

I couldn't take  Norah'S stomping her feet and the pounding in my heart, head and soul.

Even still, I managed to video the painting process for my talented, wonderful, eager, fun students.  It was the organic (impromptu) nature of the class that I envisioned.  Fun!

Actually, I was inspired by the face that I started for this weeks postcard challenge.  I listened and followed the whisper which felt more like feet stomping, heart and head pounding and screaming rather than a little whisper.  Glad I listened. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vanzie Speaks

A Clip from and about my Postcard Challenge Journal that became my Diary of Faces. A Spooky voice is revealed to be Vanzie S Smoot

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Play ART Together

All Norah'S Art
Here is a huge ginormous thank you to all who have signed up for A Diary of Faces e-course. I am beyond excited!
It really is going to be supercalifradalisticxpealadochas  (don't check my spelling on that) !!!!!!
And a little reminder:  Registration will end July 8th.
Two more days to register!!!

Three more days until Start date!!!

Know that just because the class ends November 9, 2012, your access to the class continues for and indefinite period. 

Go to All Norah'S ART, main page, for all the class details and Paypal button. 

I'll be watching for you. Thank you! I appreciate you!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Painted Bunting's Annual Visit

Every year during the first week of July, The painted buntings come for a visit.  I think of it as a birthday present which is how I remember when they come. 
This is all the same bird as he hops around checking out the surroundings. They are very shy and skittish. Yesterday, two couples visited. I'm shooting through a kitchen window. Just had to share. ♥

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What I got for my Birthday and a Ramble

It was yesterday. And what a fun day on Facebook. Have you had a Facebook birthday party? Amazing! I loved every single message. I was trying to respond to each but I'm afraid that got out in front of me and then I couldn't even find some of them. It was crazy good.

My DH honey brought these to me from the pasture late in the day. You may not know they are Passion Flowers.  I thought that was pretty special. He is too. Did you know we will celebrate 50 years this month? Yep, we've almost made it. 

I think I got an Apple iphone too for my birthday. If that's the case, he got one too for my birthday. It was a little early (last Friday) and I guess that's why I didn't realize it was for my birthday. That thang sure is smart. I'll tell it to call you if I know your number.

My kids and grands were all here on the weekend and they didn't say anything but I think that was a birthday party too. We mowed, cut bushes, cleaned gutters, washed windows, and ate GP's grilled chicken and store bought pizza. Brownies for breakfast too! That's a party! Of course, I mostly directed all the work cause I'm on a few little restrictions after having eye surgery a week ago. The restrictions aren't too bad. No mowing, cutting bushes, cleaning gutters washing windows or cooking. The Doc said so. Oh and the bonus is, that dirty shower door I've been looking through has been cleaned and the world is clear as glass now. 

My two bestest friends here in town both brought by wonderful gifts. They always do. I love them. The friends and the gifts. 

Middle of the week holidays are good but I sure wished there was a holiday provision for Wednesday holidays. I mean, when that happens we should get the whole week off. Right? I need the whole week off cause I'm working real hard to be ready for A Diary of Faces that will start Monday. That's what I plan to do on my one holiday day. That and maybe design a cover for my iphone.  

If you haven't signed up yet for the class, you're gonna miss one whoppin hugenormous class. Registration will close Sunday the 8th. Don't let the door close before you get in.  A very-nice-super-fantastic-group is waiting for me to open the door which was planned for Sunday. I might have to open it a little sooner so there isn't a traffic jam getting in.  Of course there are no assigned seats and plenty of room in the back and the front. No dress code either and bad hair days will go totally unnoticed. Thank goodness!