Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Pretty Face

Another week of the Postcard Challenge.  I have to tell you that I enjoyed painting this so much. I ventured out a little to a different technique from my usual and that was the fun part. I felt like a real artist.

This weeks reference is Fritz Kamptz (1866-1938).  He only spent a short while on the Isle of Man (week 27 prompt) during WW I when he interned as an "enemy alien". He returned to Germany after the war.

I may not retain all of the knowledge that I am gleaning with this project but I am enjoying every bit of it. 

PS    Click on my Postcard Challenge 2012 tab to see all of the weeks in order from the beginning. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Time

I've made it to #26 (half way) in the Postcard Challenge. Of course most other participants are on week 33. But at least I'm still going. With more time, I really do think I can catch up.  

Oh! Did I say "more time"?  I am just on the verge of "more time!"  My exciting news is the fact that I am retiring before I die. Just as soon as I get some new-person training finished, I will be officially retired from that dang-desk-in-town. I might miss it.

No, I won't. 

I am looking forward to tackling that list of wheniretirestuff. Can't wait. 

In the meantime, Vanzie has discovered yet another piece of art. This time she is sure it is the original....with clues.

Monday, August 06, 2012


 Running out of time this morning but expect to have more....much more really really soon!