Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Moon

So happy for another Friday.
Wanted to tell you to look up there where I have added a Tab.
Morning ART videos are there now.
This little piece of cardboard/postcard was Morning ART on the 24th.
no visiting time work work

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting Beads

In fact I did start the day painting beads. And I also ran the video (Morning ART 27th) while doing so and I talked too. I have added the Morning ART videos at my Ning network and you can click on the link to go and watch if you like. If you aren't signed up yet in my network, no problem, sign up and I'll put you through.

Last night while watching Dancing WS, I played ART a little bit. See if I get something started in the morning, then I'm likely to play a little in the evening.

This is where I left it after today's Morning ART. I have a little more to do and this one is for Renee Troy and a fundraiser project for A Place to Bark that she is working on. I hope to finish and get this in the mail to her this week.



I am very excited to be published is the above newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. I think it is to be available May 18th and if you would like a little peep of the Table of Contents, just click here and scroll down.

And that's it for today.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning ART

This morning I felt like color but no talking. To me talking is teaching mode and hope you will enjoy just watching without my yak-a-tee-yak. This will turn into more when I'm finished.

Just me painting a few minutes this morning

Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Art

April 23rd Morning Art with me.

Well I did it. I'm afraid it might be a bit boring but here is my little bit of time with morning art today. I will probably just do this on weekdays and not the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, it is about here. Have a great one.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

In a Rut

Do you ever feel like or I should say "realize" that you are in a rut? I'm feeling like I'm in a rut these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is bad. Although, this rut is deep enough to sap my creating time. I'm not saying that I'm not inspired. I'm not saying that I am feeling melancholy.
I'm just saying, my rut has three chairs in it and I seem to move from one (first thing in the morning, the home computer chair) to the next ( nine-to-five office computer chair) to the third (after-five comfy home chair in front of the TV). After all, I can not miss watching my recorded soaps and just a few favorites like Dancing With the Stars or House or Project Runway. Oh!!!! Project Runway finale is tonight.
I know, I'm rambling but I do think about this a lot and I think of ways to get out of the rut. Here is one more thing; did you know that moving from chair to chair to chair is making me tired?
I'm working on a little piece of cardboard. The top pic is from yesterday between chair one and chair two. The second one is today between chair one and two. I call it morning art and I've had a great idea of doing a morning art video. I will try to set that up for tomorrows morning art between chair one and two.
Thank you for letting me ramble today,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remember Pillow Girl

6 x 12

She is available in my Etsy.

I had great fun painting her today.



This morning I was been made aware of intentions of the Ning Network future. Part of their announcement states, " We will phase out our free service. Existing free networks will have the opportunity to either convert to paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning."

In the beginning, I set up the network so anyone could see the "Main" page and after buying a workshop, you would be able to navigate all the tabs. Wednesday morning, I decided to accept all member request thinking maybe if you were able to navigate the site, you might get a better idea of whether or not you would like to buy a workshop.

Unbeknown to me, the Ning announcement came that same evening. I do enjoy their "free service"; however, I may be OK with paying for the service as well. I will be thinking about the possible options. But in the meantime, I wanted to make you aware of the following:

Until I have more time to research options, here is what I have decided today:
1. In the beginning I said: "ABOUT CLASS DURATION ...there is no end date on the class. It is there for your indefinite use. If it is necessary to take the class down, you will be given ample notice."

So, I guess this message can be considered ample notice of the possibility of taking the class down.

2. I would like to give anyone that wants to take the workshop a last opportunity to do so. Since the "Faces: All Norah'S" workshop was set up as a four week session, there is time for another session beginning now.

To that end, I will leave the Paypal buttons active until further notice and guarantee that you will have four weeks for class participation after you buy the workshop.
I really do want to continue this site and at this point in time staying with Ning is my top option.

I will be interested to hear from you. Don't forget, if you want to go take a look I am "accepting" members. You will be able to navigate the whole sight, add photos, blog, have you own "my page". In other words everything except see the workshop groups. When you pay, you get to do that too.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Center Ring

Center Ring
The Show Must Go On
Last night I had these sitting in front of me as they are in the above photo.
I thought it was pretty cool how the tent in the front was carried into the painting in the back.

Turns out, they are both performers.
Can you just imagine the bird act the young girl puts on?
I can.
And don't you know the older one must be a tight rope walker.
I can imagine that she runs toward center ring with this costume flowing from her outstretched arms.
She flings it off to be caught by her handsome assistant who joins her in the ring and up the rope ladder to the...........
..............oh my I enjoyed the circus theme.
And I enjoyed all your comments. They mean so much to me.
I just wish these were better pictures. The are both so much more beautiful in real life.
Think I will be painting more circus.

ps....did you see Project Runway last week? Their designs were to be inspired by the circus.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Little by little I am making progress.
I sort of wish I had left the face like above.
No matter, she is so stoic.
In my book that says "indifferent to pleasure or pain".

So then, I ask you, "what in the world is she doing at a circus?"
I am baffled.
I'm not finished just yet but getting closer.
Her face is just to purple and I will try to fix that.
I think it is pretty cool how the blocks of color are still there
but integrated. You should try it this weekend.
Yea for the weekend.

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Sketch

I confess that I am inspired by Madge Gill (1882-1961), who did hundreds of ink drawings of faces on small cards during her life time. This face and the one before, Circus Day, were both inspired by her style as I see it.
The eyes of most of her faces are much farther apart than realistic and she always had the hair or head attire covering their forehead. Those were the two things that struck me.
Madge Gill faces had no shading as she only used ink but they all had such obvious personality.

Progress on the "sweet spot".

Stay tuned and
Thanks You.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


...the next one

background collage

a sweet spot
...and the the only word left unpainted stopped me cold.

a message

and so I circled it
to mark it
until I can know what it means
I have special plans for this canvas.
At this point all I know is the theme.
I started with the video going and want to share with you but I need to edit at the office instead of home. I intend to share every step of the way with you by sharing "in-progress" shots, as well as video.
At some point, when I know I can do it, I will tell you my special plan.
It may involve you.
I could.
Expect it,

Friday, April 02, 2010

Circus Day

See what I can do if I have all day at home. It was a good excuse and it was true. I had a wonderful time today just leisurely painting and I finished. I know. I might have gone overboard but it didn't seem so while I was doing it. I started this as a "warm-up" for the next one. I hope that wasn't a problem for you-know-who. muse I don't ususally do that. Warm-up thing.

Now I'm off to cook dinner.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another Random Segment

This morning I had 12 minutes to paint and that was enough to commit to and add the circus tent. I have been wishy-washy about adding it. You do or not to do. These are the moments that I am trying to just flow past. Inspiration was from the cover on this catalogue. So, with 12 minutes I painted what I could.

I'm feeling like today is Friday as I will not be at this desk tomorrow. For me, a three day weekend is going to be a most wonderful event. I will finish this painting and get on with the next one.

Thank you all so very much for leaving me such nice comments. And please, I hope you are OK with me showing just a segment at a time of this painting. It seems like a way for me to blog which I realize I have become a bit lax about.

Wishing you all a great weekend.