Friday, October 31, 2008

I dare you

Here is my second effort. I didn't finish the other side.

I have a huge two volume dictionary; The New Century Dictionary, copyright 1944. It is just full of illustrations. Nearly every page has not one but three or more beautiful little pictures. It has many many birds and winged insects and lots of fish among other things. And millions of words to play with.

I think I will go down this path for a while. This path where I play with words and illustrations and collage them into another little book about words and illustrations.

I dare you.
To do it too.

Desk work

Here is my art-at-the-desk from yesterday as promised. I have to tell you, I'm not crazy about the turn out. It is the colors that I don't like. But I brought limited stuff in my art-to-go bag and so that was the challenge. It is the grungy that I'm not liking.

I think I will try it again. Friday afternoon art-at-the-desk. A good thing if you can get by with it.

See ya tomorrow,


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea Party

Sisters' Tea in the Lilly Garden

Cloth Paper Scissors online extra is up. What a thrill. See it here.

Today, I doing a little art-at-the-desk.
Something I haven't done in a while.
Just trying to get a head start on the weekend.
Will show later,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etsy at All Norah'S Art

I give up.

I have tried and tried to load pictures to Etsy yesterday and today.

It is just not happening today.
So, I offer for sale here this beautiful

Sisters Wedding

10 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas.

Eleven sisters meet for the wedding of her dreams.

They all carry wildflowers and wear the string of pearl she gave them.

Of course, the twins insisted on standing next to her.

Email me if you would like a Paypal invoice.

$150.00 plus shipping

"Follow the Leader"
Another Sisters Reunion.

On this day they talked about one of their favorite games and decided to go to the garden and play.
She always got to be the leader but that was OK, they loved her for that.
They dreamed so many dreams while in the gardens. I guess that is why their dreams are always right there just like a beautiful butterfly flitting about and landing on their sleeve.
One more thing. About the little queen, well one of her fondest memories from home was always dreaming about growing up to be a queen or a princess at the very least. She was always pretending.
20 X 10 gallary wrapped canvas
$150.00 plus shipping
Email me if you would like a paypal invoice.
Sisters Pure

8 X 6 gallery wrapped canvas

Email me if you would like a Paypal invoice

Sisters Trickin

10 X 20 gallery wrapped canvas

$150.00 plus shipping

Email me if you would like a Paypal invoice.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I took a couple of shots in between the beginning and end.
It's no secret, you must see when I do that.
8 X 6 canvas

The finished is a scan. And I like to show it at the beginning of the post and at the end. I don't know...I just do. Have you noticed that when you post your art, you can scrutinize it and see where you want to add a stroke here or there? I see several places and I forgot to finish the little bird. It's not a "little" bird, is it? It is way out of scale but I don't care. I like it anyway. So, I guess it is not finished after all. But for today.....enough.


Today, our electricity has been off all morning.

Today, I'm working on a small sisters painting and showing a little progress to the right.

Today, I received the latest Cloth Paper Scissors. OK, simply put, I will never get use to seeing my art published. It is so very thrilling!

Another tea party piece is going to be featured as an Cloth Paper Scissors online extra. And it is the tea party that has not been shown here at All Norah'S Art. They don't have it up yet, I will keep you posted on that.

Now, back to today's painting.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Birds and Apples

Sisters With Treats
something like that
not sure yet
I must stare at it for a while
maybe I will know
Did you paint towels or birds?

Friday, October 17, 2008


You saw towels................
I saw bird..............................
or birds.................................
This is my weekend inspiration. AND this time I will show you the whole thing. I haven't started it yet and can't until I get home. But I'm just going to DO IT. At the moment, I'm thinking it will be some more sisters and could a little witchy or ......................who knows?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mr Murphy's visit

I'm so happy to report that I have finished the big project. It is posted and on the way to a its destination. I will tell you where to look for it in a future post.

Now, who pray tell sent Mr Murphy for a visit when I was at the end of the project? You know, that Mr Murphy with all the laws about stuff going wrong and all that $#!+.

Well if you didn't, who did? Because let me tell you, he was there and I did not invite him.

And I know it is just not in Norah'S nature to sabotage. She only gives conflict with offering so many different ideas all at once. And we all know she can't spell.

But about Mr Murphy, he showed up with a most evil evil tool when I was ready to punch and put together the project. You know the tool (crop-a-dile) that will punch and set two different size holes. EVIL!

After practicing on an old book cover and deciding the small hole would be best, I marked and punched the first hole. Then when I punched the second hole (on the front cover), guided my Mr Murphy, no doubt, I punched a big hole instead of a little hole. Staying cool calm and collected, I remember my Daddy telling me I could do anything I thought I could do.
My thought, "I can make this work".
First thing I did was flag with a ribbon the wrong punch side. I will not make that mistake twice. BUT, Just as sure as I punched it wrong once....oh yes again! EVIL EVIL TOOL! I marked the holes on the back cover. Mr Murphy handed me the EVIL tool and I punched the right size hole. Holly Molly $#!+, I punch the hole on the wrong edge. This time I didn't stay very calm. I had to get-a-grip! Yes, I had to get my grip off of this EVIL tool.
I found the plugs that had been punched out. I filled the hole with glue and stuffed the plug back in. With a little hole. On the front cover, I changed the location of the hole and punched another.
That's not all. After punching and setting 10 small eyelets, I decided the small hole would not work. Who ever thought that in the first place? Of course, Mr Murphy. I sent him home and went to bed. The next day, I dug out the eyelets, punched big holes, set big eyelets. Mr Murphy showed up for the setting of the very last eyelet. Yep, it was set upside down. What I mean is on one hole the eyelet was set from the front of the page and on the other hole it was set from the back side of the page. I very quickly got OK with it and sent him packing....with his EVIL tool.
And that is enough for now,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hand painted

Just a peek. OK
Hands are fun.
For sure pretty soon I will be done with this big project and then................
Back to normal regular show and tell.
Thank you for visiting. Your comments keep me going.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm still at it. Just checking in to show you what I'm working on now.
I will have a very busy weekend. Yea ART ALL WEEKEND!
How about you?
Enough for now,

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More fun

Thank you for playing my game. Don't you think it is better than me disappearing for a couple of weeks? Me too.
xoxo to all of you,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Remember this

Do you remember Watching Shadows?
And do you remember the story behind in?
Well this is my sketch for that piece and I am using is again for my next painting. I'll give you a little peek......soon.
Oh yes, someone ask if I really do sketch while on the phone. Yes I do. I learned it from my Mom and remember being amazed at her telephone doodles. But I also do fast sketches like this one when I have an inspiration and don't want to forget. It is like a first draft. Then I might refine it in a second draft. The pouty mouth sketch was a second draft. You notice it a little more refined. The the painting is the final draft. That's how I think of it.
Enough for now, except here is a plug.....I have a print of Watching Shadows listed in my shop.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Peep at this

Here's proof. I did it and had a great ARTful weekend. Hope you did too.
Thanks for looking,

Sunday, October 05, 2008

More sketches

Did you take yesterdays challenge? Here's mine. OK, I'm just showing enough to show that I did do it. Can you wait to see the rest later? You must.

I found another little sketch to work from too. Wanna see?

Isn't she cute? I dated that one. I try really hard to date all my sketches but sometimes I just doesn't happen.

Anyway, I'm having fun working on a "big project" and using my old sketches for inspiration.

One more thing. Thank you to Marilyn for the Brilliante Weblog Award. I thank you so much for the recognition and I apologize that I am so terrible at picking up awards. Time just seems to get away from me. There have been others that I am ashamed to say, time passed by so far that I didn't feel worthy; nevertheless, they were appreciated so much. Thank you.

More later cause I'm going to paint,


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Challenge

Good morning friends,
Checking in early today with a weekend challenge for you. If you need one.
I'm having a weekend jam packed with ART. I hope lots of ART. Since I probably won't be able to share much of it, I thought I would give out a challenge.
So, here it is. Look around on your desk and in your piles of stuff or in your well organized stack of doodles and sketches. Pick one and paint it or be inspired by it to "do your thang".
That's what I'm doing with this little sketch that I unearthed. This is one of those "on hold" telephone conversation sketches.
Oh, and about the missing "Sheriff", I have enjoyed all of your comments and have concluded that I was just having a "gray" moment. Know what I mean?
Enough now,

Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's Laugh

You want a good laugh?
As I was leaving home, I grabbed a page of text that was laying loose on my ART desk hoping I could find a word or two to use on my pendant.
So, when the time came, and to my utter surprise, I found the most perfect words on this page.
At home the next day I discovered a word was missing. The funny part is remembering when I showed it to someone who tried to read the sentence and had the strangest puzzled look on her face. She couldn't figure it out and very nicely handed it back to me. Don't you know my Norah'S still laughing at that little trick. She does stuff like that to me all the time. It was suppose to say:
"Oh, the Sheriff done it all right. " I don't even know if it should be 'all right' or 'alright'....let's laugh!
It's kinda like when I left the 'a' out of Sharon and then tried to correct it and put the 'a' in the wrong place. That one was a double doozie. Enough for now.
Let's laugh the weekend away,