Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Secret

I didn't tell and wasn't going to. You see last Saturday when I was chasing butterflies.....
well I had a little accident. It was a very small dead branch that I pulled down from a big oak tree. That is our method of pruning. So anyway, it crashed right smack dab down on my crocked nose. Turns out a septal hematoma is serious and I had surgery on my crocked nose Thursday. This is post op about 2 hours but let me tell you, I don't look like this today and I'm not showing that either. And guess what else? He fixed my crocked nose.
Expect me back but not bouncing,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sending Love Potions in the mail

I'm sending a gift to a young newlywed couple and just had to send my gift in a box of Love Potions. Pretty cool I think.

And speaking of Mail ART. I received this in the mail Monday. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you bbff.

Expect me in a couple of days,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Birds

Our painted bunting has made himself at home.
He comes for a bath.

He swishes.
I have seen him do this several times now.
And he brought his Ms Painted Bunting.
This time she just had a drink.
Another time she took her bath too.
They are so fun to watch through my kitchen window.
another Love Potion with layers and layers of
Parting shot
Big Bird

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Three continued

One day of flying,
Two days creating,
A morning meeting face to face over coffee,
An afternoon of fine food,
We went to the Lagoon for a most peaceful walk.
We watched these beautiful birds in the treetops.

We met this princess.
We took pictures.

We saw agapantha.
And then,

we returned to the little studio to continue our tradition.
We exchange our I Dare You books by mail.

But we also have a tradition (two times makes a tradition) of painting together in each others book when we are together.

So Fun!!!

I painted this page in Zorana's book.

Zorana painted this page in my book.
We were still very excited about our Day Journeys and wanted to paint on that high.
after a full day of flying home,
and resting,
and resting,
I dared to paint another page in my book.
I dared to try again a face with Claudine Hellmuth paints.
I'll see you later in the weekend.
Expect it,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Three


We met up with a couple of bloggers at Pete's Coffee & Tea on 4th Street
Meeting Lisa and Darla was like meeting up with old friends.

We laughed. We talked. We shared. We day dreamed. We planned.


Mediterranean Cuisine

The Arbor

The Friends

The Cook
The grilled Scallops
The Salad

The Olive Medley and Octopus Salad
The Parsley Condiment

The Food


Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Octopus
The Wine

My Plate
Parting Shot
The nap.......................

So on the second day

Watching Katie was just as magical as watching Judy.
Both of these ladies have a most wonderful teaching style and all I can say is don't miss out on an opportunity if it comes your way.

In Katie's class we worked on several all at once. We bounced from one to the other just gluing and slapping papers and paints down and I could have danced all night doing this.
The first one shown above is on cardboard.

This one is on canvas board. And yes, I was trying to channel Katie's ladie style.
.....mixed in with a little of Norah's......
This one in progress is on Rosin or is it Rosen paper.
I've already checked this little town and none here.
It is on my next Waco trip list.I wish to play some more on this one but I may just leave it in this stage.
I also started a page in my journal which I will work on later.
My day with Katie and Judy was a day dream come true.
Expect more,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back Home

I'm back home and have rested somewhat. That return flight after days of creativity is a killer. My friend Zorana (yes, go ahead and click on that) loved her apron. But she won't use it. She's crazy.
I have been blessed. I had a wonderful opportunity to go on a Day Journey with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick. It was a journey of a lifetime. I had my own mission, which was to try things new to me and yet could apply to expand what I already do. The first day was with Judy. Katie got to take the class too and I just happened to get this wonderful hands in action photo.

Judy's class was all about plaster and our first piece was to be abstract. Plaster new to me. Abstract new to me. Yeah, I know I had to stick that leaf impression in there. Can you say comfort zone?

Our second piece was more of a mixed media (getting comfortable here) on plaster with collage and transfers and all that. I still have trouble with collage. I can't explain it but it is an uncomfortable feeling inside my chest that I feel. Anyway, you should have heard the sigh of relief when I discovered that I had thrown in some napkin fragments.

This is an extra board prepared with the first layer. I will continue working on it at home and am very anxious to do that.
I have so much more to share and will; however, this morning my time is up. Time to get ready for the non-ART desk.
Expect things you want,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Her Apron

I'm not there yet.
But when you read this, I will be.
I had to pretend to be Zorana so I could show her apron.

This face is the one I painted in the video using.
I know we are having a great time.
And will report when I return.
Be expectful,