Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tad and Vanzie A Pretty Mystery

The map for BAHA was for the front end paper. 
I always knew I would draw a map for the book.
I waited for the inspiration.
It wasn't happening.
Until I "started" last weekend.
Now, I'm mulling over the map for Pelago.
Did I tell you how much fun map making is?

 I always wait for inspiration before painting my altered book covers.
I got it.
I refined the old sketch and he became sort of pretty.
But I like him anyway. 
I haven't painted the original canvas yet because I don't usually like to do the same one twice. Or rather, I fear I can't please myself the second time. 
Anyway, I merged the two sketches in Photoshop and transferred it to the newly made book cover. 
Then I painted.
My Diary of Faces is now...
Tad and Vanzie
a pretty mystery
I Love All of IT!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I found the way to BAHA

BAHA is in the Bahanic Ocean, of course. I'm afraid I became a bit obsessed with map making this weekend. It brought back memories of how much I enjoyed geography in elementary school. Of course my favorite part was coloring maps with map pencils. For this one I used Intense pencils and my new water brush. 
Next, I'm on my way to Pelago.
For real.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It is Thursday, isn't it

Scroll down to see the WIP of this portrait. Of course it is a FAKE according to Professor Doctor Tad Keys.  I enjoyed painting this and tried very hard to just paint the bold strokes of color in the impressionist style.  I hope to do it again but with out looking at a reference from the past.  And I'm sure I will have time for that now that I am home all day and not at that dang-desk-in-town.

Speaking of retirement, it only took me one week to become discombobulated with what day of the week it is. I LOVE THAT!  DH told me he was going to till the garden tomorrow morning and in my confused state I ask him if he was going to do that before going to the office. He told me he wouldn't be going to the office on Saturday. I said, "it is Thursday, isn't it?" 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 1 Retirement in BAHA

I actually did a lot on my first day of retirement but the thing I did the most was reminding myself that I did not have to rush to do what I was doing.  

And that is why this little bit of mail I had to send got the "extra" treatment. 

And now, I know where BAHA is. It is retirement. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Could this be Tad?

This is the quick sketch that I did from a favorite TV program. I think it was spring of 2011. My intention was to paint it like a woman even though the TV character was a man. I kept it sitting in my view for months and months. Eventually, I got tired of the "sit and stare" stage and many times thought I should just wipe it off. Instead, I put it out of sight and never thought about it again until I began to wonder what Tad looks like. I'm thinking he looks just like this. 

It was the top hat that I did a very poor sketch of that drew me in with inspiration.  Does anyone know who the TV character? It doesn't look like him. 

OMG! Norah'S known all along who this is. I told you we are on a need-to-know basis. be continued. I want to hear your guesses. 

Sharon first real official day of retirement!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I wonder what Tad looks like

Moon Birds
5 x 5
The title of the little painting is Moon Birds. I will stick with that. But it was not until I was sizing the photo for the blog post yesterday that I wondered to myself, "who is this lady with a bird on her head?".  At the very moment after the thought, I knew just as clear as day without a doubt that it was, Vanzie S Smoot, 205 Bird Row, Buttontown, BAHA!

You should have seen me.  I felt a flood of excitement. I giggled out loud. I was shocked that I didn't already know this because suddenly, the who was so obvious.  The other thing that was so obvious was that this was Norah'S little secret.  We are on a need-to-know basis sometimes with each other. And when I "needed" to know, it was revealed.

I needed to know because part of the whole flood of excited thoughts was the need to know if it would be obvious to anyone else and that I should have a give-away to find out.

suze said...

I think it is the wonderfully mysterious Vanzie S Smoot who's imagination soars like a bird from one painting to the next!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello hello, anybody there?

Hello, anybody home? 
Who is this? 
Oh, excuse the ring.....wrong number. 

Look what I did! 
I painted a little picture and then had an iphone cover made from it. 


I'm sending a print of this 5 X 5 to the first person who answers who she is.
More later,


Saturday, September 08, 2012

Vanzie is innocentia

I enjoyed painting this one very much. I like the colors and texture in the background, face and well....what can I say? 

Le papillon is evidence of Norah'S presence.  

Vanzie is suspicious of the inclusion. 

She should be. 
The reference for this was a corp of Innocentia  by Lovis Cornith (1858-1925).


PS  In case you missed this news, I set up a Self Study group/classroom as a way to share A Diary of Faces. The nine weeks of content that is posted and waiting for you is a complete class. There will be no additional diary entries. For more information and to learn how to get a student discount click over to my Online Workshop page

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Diary of Faces now offered in Self Study format

This class is no longer available.

A few testaments from students in A Diary of Faces

Daisy said, "I never thought I would find a gold mine when I registerd for this class.
I am learning so many tips and tricks. This class is so fantastic!  I thank you with all my ♥. The videos are great."

KayTee said, "Sharon, you have GOT TO BE ***THE*** most giving artist out here on the web.  This week alone - is worth the price of the ENTIRE class!!!  You're wonderfully gifted and sharing .... I hope you know how special you are to an artist like me."

Kate said, "I just finished watching all of these glazing videos....This is a full workshop in itself. Thank you so much for your generosity! This has opened up a whole new world to me."

Shari said,  "Thank you, Sharon.  I could watch that lesson over and over and over again!  and I believe I will"
Nancy said, "These PDF's are so helpful. To watch (see) the methodical application of paint in what would seem unexpected colors and then have it turn out so amazing is exciting and fabulous. It is a great dissection of the colors and strokes used to achieve expression and character. Thank you Sharon!"
Caryn said, "Wow wow and wow, I Love this technique on Photoshop and I adore the bluebird painting you did."
Yolanda said, "OMG, I had so much fun watching you Sharon.  I wasn't able to watch it this morning, so, it's late here and 
I think I woke up half the neighborhood with my laughter.  Love this class so much and all the great ladies 
taking it.  You are a very special lady Miss Sharon...can't wait to see what you come up with next."

Self Study e-course
A video and audio workshop recorded diary style now offered in a Self Study format.
This class is about keeping an art diary for painting and the study of many different faces.  But wait! It's more than face painting. 
Inspiration for this self study e-course
My vision to share the study of painting faces in a slow methodical and organic way for my 18 week e-course, A Diary of Faces, has been more than realized.  The exciting results inspired me to offer aSelf Study format in order to share the same content with many more artist.
You probably already know the  guiding inspiration for A Diary of Faces is my Postcard Journal that I started earlier this year. This journal became my Diary of Faces and I continue painting in it. If you haven't seen it, visit my blog page, "Postcard Challenge 2012".
My vision for you:
  • Inspiration and motivation to paint beautiful faces
  • Many tips and techniques shared
  • Study feelings and emotions in faces
  • Enjoy sketching faces
  • Lessons in painting hands and hats and hair and backgrounds
  • Research to help you discover art that has meaning to you
  • Study a bit of art history
  • Discovery of "your style"
  • Practice
  • Learn from trying new products and techniques
  • Learn a few Photoshop Elements artful tricks 
  • Being brave with experimentation
  • Record lessons learned in your Diary of Faces 
  • Painting your way toward improvement
  • Slowing down and enjoying the process
  • Enjoying an art journey with me
  • Aha moments
  • And in between moments too
  • Creative growth (feeling it and seeing it)
  • Facebook group 
More Specifically:
You will search the internet to discover works of art by painters from over a hundred years ago. You will learn to scrutinize their technique while trying to replicate the work in an art diary. You will be amazed as your diary grows with all the different faces. In addition to painting in the diary, You will be inspired to splash paint on a canvas or two or more.
Supplies will be what you have in your studio plus an old book to paint your Diary of Faces in.  Of course I will share the products I use but you are encouraged to use what you have and add to your supplies as you wish.  I mostly use Golden mediums and paints because that is what I have. 
What you get in this e-course
There are 58 videos of approximately 8 hours of viewing time.  Nine weeks of content is waiting for you in a quiet Self Study Library setting.   The post are in the form of video, audio, PDFs, photos and or narrative. Posts are informative and inspiring.
Class will be presented in a private "group" at All Norahs Art, my Ning network.
Please note:  Although, there will be no Gallery or Comment Walls in the classroom, there will be a Facebook Group where you can share if you would like. The Facebook Group is optional as there will be no class content offered at the Facebook group.

Who this e-course is for 
Whether you are a beginner, an accomplished artist or crafter, or somewhere in between, this e-course is for anyone who is looking for creative growth. 
More specifically:
  • Anyone who occasionally needs extra motivation
  • Anyone looking for inspiration
  • Anyone who knows those little shoulder demons that whisper discouragement
  • Anyone who is mesmerized with faces
  • Anyone who needs to have a paint brush in their hand
  • Anyone.
Please Note: 
Registration for this Self Study e-course will remain open indefinitely. There will be no end date to this session. Students will have unlimited access for an indefinite time frame. You are encouraged to receive this vision at the pace you are comfortable with.
Class Dates
  • Registration:  Now Open
  • Classroom Opens:  September 9th

  • You will receive a confirmation email from me with additional information about the class.
  • The classroom will be open for you to enter September 9th.
  • On September 9th, you will receive a Ning generated invitation to the private group, A Diary of Faces - Self Study.
  • You will enter the classroom the first time through the link in the email invitation.
One more thing, if you are not a member of my Ning network, you should  go here and sign up.
Q:  What is a Self Study e-course 
A:   A Self Study e-course means the classroom is set up with 9 weeks of content when you first arrive.  All the videos, audio, text, and PDFs are waiting. There is no student interaction in the classroom. 
      It is like going to the library. A quiet place to go and stay as long as you like.

Q:  What if I can't pay now? Will I be able to register for the class after the classroom opens? 
A:  The registration for this Self Study e-course is Open and Ongoing. That means you do not have to register before the classroom opens.  You can register anytime now or after.
Q:  How long will I have access to the class group? 
A:  Your access is unlimited for an indefinite period. There is no end date.
Q:  What do you mean by "diary style?
A:  Diary style, in this self study classroom means, there are daily dated segments already posted that will give you a way to progress at you own pace.  For example, you may want to view the whole week in one sitting or you may want to follow the daily segments one day at a time. 

In addition, diary style means you will use a diary or journal in the form of an old book to record your face lessons with pen, pencil, charcoal and paint. 
Q:  Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time each day?
A:  No, the 9 weeks of content will be waiting for you. You can pace yourself and go as fast or slow as you like.  You can come and go and watch the videos as many times as you need, meaning you don't have to be anywhere at any given time to make it to the class. 
Q:  Will the class include PDFs? 
A:  Yes! Some of the class content will be offered in the form of 
PDFs. The PDFs are for your private use as it relates to this class. You have my permission to download, save and or print them. However, they are part of the copyrighted material of this class and you do not have permission to reproduce them in full or in part for the purpose of sharing for any reason. 

Q:  Will I have to have the Photoshop Elements program?
A:  No, but if you do have it, you will enjoy learning a few fun ways to play art with the program. There are a several screen shot video demonstrations in the class. You may be able to adapt the lessons to other photo editing programs.
Q:  Will you offer a DVD of this class?
A:  No, that is not in my plans at the moment.
Q:  Can I download your videos.
A:  No
Q:  Why is the Self Study class fee more than the original, A Diary of Faces e-course?
A:   This is a very good question. I am offering nine weeks of Self Study for $75.00; whereas, the original class was 18 weeks for $99.00.  

The students in the original class were my guinea pigs, so to speak. Due to the organic nature of the class and my first time offering this type of class, I had no idea how much content would be offered. And now I realize what a bargain price both classes are.  I promise you will not be disappointed in the amount of content.
I am so appreciative of all my students and thrilled to be offering A Diary of Faces in a Self Study e-course format. 
This class is no longer available.