Friday, February 24, 2012

What a great idea

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar

the idea
in art,
more dramatic
in its simplicity
intensify the

at least

I'm still finding the story in this book.  For now, I don't wish to illustrate it and when I think about how to illustrate, I feel like I am forcing it. It is strange. 

But don't you like this idea! "a theme is more dramatic in its simplicity". This seems to apply to my work in progress as the simple discovery of the birds truly made the story in the piece of art more dramatic. Actually, it became more dramatic to me in a personal way that I may not be able to share.

Being unhappy with her face, I worked both yesterday and today during my Morning Art, but alas, I'm not finished. I had to make matters worse before making them better. If this happens to you, my advise is to just keep going. I will surely be ready to show tomorrow. Going into a weekend with something on my a good thing. 

In the meantime, this little book is just full of words for me. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Faces in Truth

Monday Morning Art found me back at my desk. Back in my routine with a little determination; as well as, your words swirling in my head. First, I just glued down some papers and then I thought to myself how boring that was.  

It is crazy what I did next because the reason I glue down papers is I don't like to paint on canvas. Well, I heard one of you say "challenge" or "do something different" and so without thinking I turned and picked up a piece of fabric. I moved fast and found a few more pieces. I didn't cut them or change their shapes. I just glued them down with a tiny bit of confidence that I would know what was next.

Of course "next" was a face and the first one I saw Tuesday morning was on a faces collage. So, I started.
 Today, again during Morning Art I was anxious to paint. But the excitement really churned when I saw the birds (those little demons!). For me, there is a certain level of excitement when you think it is going to be good. 

And then there is a whole new feeling that surges through your soul when the story begins to reveal itself and you know it is going to be good. I have to say, I was surprised that the story was revealed little by little much like in my Faces in Collage class technique.
You know I will be back tomorrow to share the whole finished story.

I'm just wondering if any of you know that feeling that I'm talking about.
I hope so.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Characters in Dream Images

This is an old book. As a matter of fact, it is nearly as old as me. The publishing information says, "First Issued 1930, New Edition (Illustrated) 1946." 

I'm sure I have the 1946 edition as mine is illustrated with many amazing white on black illustrations by Nora Lavrin. 

I take inspiration from the illustrations and if I illustrate, I will continue with the white and black. 

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar

glimmer of
therefore feels
What's wrong
this attitude

art and
Dream Images
amazing results

Something that might be of interest is (I think) Nora Lavrin's illustrations are a method called "dry points"  which will of course explain why, I will not be able to actually make my illustrations like hers by just using my white gel pen on black. 

PS:  I'm watching for characters in my dream images. It's happened before.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

This book is speaking to me

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar
First Issued 1930, printed in Great Britain
by the Chiswick Press, New Southgate, N.11
for Messers. Eyre and Spottiswoode LTD.

in mind
was intent
to postpone the
the dreamy world

so much

I didn't make that up.
That is what it says.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Blue Sock Day Routine

Framed print of Garden Lemons donated to local group auction fundraiser.
Just the other day I was talking to my co-teacher Deryn about routine.  We agreed that while an online class is in full force it is hard to stick to your usual routine.  The discussion was just an effort for me to understand why-why-why.  To a fault, I'm always trying to understand stuff about myself.......and even you too sometimes. 

From this place, I realized that having two online classes in full force at the same time simply took over my morning art routine. I believe it is that simple. 

I like to think of myself as slightly impulsive. I am and I actually resist some routines.  However, this morning when my dear husband needed blue socks, I knew that impulsively skipping last weekends routine to do laundry was a mistake.  Because today and every Friday is blue sock day.  He sticks tight with this blue sock day routine. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going Full Circle

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar
First Issued 1930, printed in Great Britain
by the Chiswick Press, New Southgate, N.11
for Messers. Eyre and Spottiswoode LTD.

Things become different
so achievements
humble who hardly exceed

In spite
all can boast of the fact
with their death

But what is
the soul and the conscience

a mirror

About six years ago I was inspired to find these words in this old book.  And then, I put it down. I quit. Moved on to other things. Sound familiar?

Well, I'm absolutely overwhelmed and humbled with all of your comments. I heard you say "It's OK...don't paint". I heard all your stories of similar experiences; I heard all you encouragement, praise, love, compassion, understanding, feelings, best wishes, suggestions, and reassurances that this too shall pass. 

I know it will and I know I will want to paint again.  I just needed to say it because sometimes that's all it takes. Understanding and the admission.

So, this morning I stood in front of that stack of Journals and not a single one of them spoke to me. They did not invite me in.  They did not excite me. They did not open me.

Then I saw this little book. You can see it in the picture down there. The top left corner of the big black journal is almost pointing to it. It has a ragged dust cover and sits between the green book and the journal with the fuzzy stuff right at the edge of the picture. 

It is a small book with only 105 pages.  The first thing I'm gonna do is read it. Reading was a suggestion from some of you.  Then I'm going to look for the hidden wisdom that I'm sure is there waiting for me. I intend to share the altered pages with you. I feel as though I'm circling back.

For now, that is my direction. And today, I'm excited about it. And I'm hearing little whispers about using a the alteration.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I know the horrible truth

Can I just say, "I know the horrible truth".  I need to say it out loud!  I'm afraid I don't want to paint anymore.  I feel like I have painted everything I every wanted to paint. I have nothing else to paint. Finished. It's all done. I keep procrastinating.  I keep finding excuses. I've finished up so many little chores like picking up threads off the floor, and stacking and re-stacking papers and dusting a little and washing stuff that didn't need washing and lining up pins and needles and putting things away and getting things out and EATING stuff I shouldn't be eating and making bread. MAKING BREAD. Stitching and sleeping in my chair and feeling haunted by the brushes. My brushes. I can't blog because there is nothing to blog. I haven't painted anything.  I'm finished. Did I tell you that I have already painted everything?  That is how I feel. Now, here is the horrible truth that scares me. I'm OK with it. I guess that's OK. Is it? 

I have a stack of journals here.  This morning I had a thought that maybe if I just picked one and painted something.  Something that I didn't want to paint. But I've already painted everything. I'm finished. Maybe the Gut art journal right there on top would be a start.  Because I have to get this horrible truth out of my gut. Don't I?

Friday, February 03, 2012

A Dinner Tale

I know December is behind me now; however, I wanted to share a little something that I put together just for my family for Christmas.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Although, I don't really know if they agreed.

Let me tell you about this Dinner Tale.  It all started on Thanksgiving day when I was in the kitchen just doing my holiday cooking thing.  I do the same thing every time.  The menu varies very little. I never start a day ahead with any of the preparations (not even the deserts) and after so many years, I have it down to an exact science.  I start about 6:30AM and serve at about 12:30 PM. 

This year I added a component.  To tell you the truth, I'm ready for some one to take over this holiday cooking thing and that inspired me to give them a way to do so.  I used my Canon Power Shot G9 in movie mode and while I didn't video the whole 6 hour event (I know they are glad about that), I just picked up the camera ever so often and told what I had done and went around the kitchen and talked about the progress of each dish.  I even showed and talked about the serving dishes and their history.  In most cases, which grandmother or great grandmother had passed them down to me. 

Another fun thing I did was when each one arrived, I picked up the camera and started rolling.  They all thought I was taking a picture and gave such cute posed smiles.  A couple didn't want their picture taken and I just said OK but kept rolling.  Then when dinner was served, I recorded all the banter that happens as they all come to the table.  You know, whose gonna sit where and who has a favorite spot to sit every time and what's that, etc etc etc.  

I can't tell you what a special memory this turned out to be.  I edited the video, added music, a little more narration, and pulled still shots from the video to design the DVD cover with.  Then I typed up all the recipes.  I printed them on a 12 X 12 sheet of card stock and using information from Zorana's workshop, I put together a little cookbook that accompanied  the DVD.

Everybody and I mean everybody received this as one of their Christmas presents.  It didn't matter to me if they liked it or not.  I just hoped that some day when they wondered how "she" did that, at least one of them will remember and still have the DVD and watch it.

And that's my dinner tale.