Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm working on my postcard for Norway.
And simultaneously working on my new class, A Diary of Faces.

Chris Flynn, this is for you.
Your comment, "...a different expression every day...learn how to capture feelings and emotions or how to draw older people" is what inspired me to attempt this portrait of Barbra Ihlen Larssen by Norwegian artist Christian Krohg (1852-1925).

But what I wanted to share today is the WIP or stopping point yesterday when I needed to move to the chair zone for a break. 
I was struck with the sad face I had painted.
She was not sad in the reference photo.
She was not smiling big but had a little twinkle about her. 
So that was my mission in finishing. 
I tried to give that little twinkle back to her. 
Sad and Happy may not be the best description for this comparison; however, I think they each show a different feeling or emotion.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back to Smoot and Keys mode

The Professor Doctor's sympathy didn't set too well with Vanzie.

For the whole story from beginning to this point, click on my "Postcard Challenge 2012" tab.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Postcard WIP

I'm back to the postcard journal and this work in progress by me is from the work of Romanian artist Nicolae Grigorescu.

I can't catch up or keep up and so I have reconciled with just keeping whatever pace I can manage.  If I was faster, I probably wouldn't show my WIPs.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Momentum Motivation and Mojo

Do you loose it?  Sometimes I guess we all do.

Here is how it works for me.  When I feel the momentum of some "great" inspiration start to slip away (usually just because of not enough time), then the motivation goes and goes and goes until finally I'm wondering about my Mojo.

I don't know why this comes to mind this morning. It has little to do with anything.  Because there are two things I want to tell you three things.

1. I'm going to discontinue "open registration" of my first online class, "Faces: All Norah'S".  This DOES NOT mean the classroom will be closed and students will no longer have access.  It just means that I think the class has run it course and even though new students come in monthly, it just isn't fun for me because they are all so quiet when it is a small group.

SO, If you want to register for the class, "Faces: All Norah'S", now is the time.  I will leave the registration open through this month and close it after May 31st.  Don't worry about access to the class because once you are there, you have as long as you wish to enjoy the videos.

2. I'm working on a new class and all I know to tell you about it at this point is the name of the class will be "A Diary of Faces".  How about you tell me what a class with that title means to you.

3. I want to share with you a new online class site that I think many of you will be interested in. Ann Passmore has set up a Ning network called Image Artistry.  Ann is very knowledgeable and skillful with Photoshop Elements and that is what her classes are about. And get this!  She is offering a beginner session free:  Join up for a FREE first workshop from the 20 May for six weeks to get started with Photoshop Elements.  Although it's to get beginners up to speed you might be surprised at what you learn and the Challenges should be fun!

All you need to do is go to Image Artistry and sign up to join her network and then you can join her free group.  

You might also like to visit Ann's Blog by the same name, Image Artistry to get a look at some of the things Ann does with PElements.  I think you will like it. 

That's what is on my mind today.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Workshop with Liz Hill

watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, collage, crayon
30 x 22
WOW! What an excursion! 
My journey down the road last weekend turned out to be quiet a detour.  Not unexpected. I chose to go a little ways down a new path so to speak. Inspired by Liz Hill's beautiful figures and recognizing a long desire to paint from live models, I jumped at the chance to take a figurative workshop with Liz at the Dragonfly Gallery. Oh, what a warm place to create.  

I have to tell you, I didn't go by myself.  As hard as I tried to leave "her" here in the home studio, "she" perched on my shoulder and babbled in my ear all the way down the road. You know, saying things like, "what do you think you are doing....etc etc".
Determined. I was. So on arrival, I quietly sent her under the table.

We enjoyed a different model each day and on day three, after the 3 and 5 minute warm up sketches, we all did a piece with multiple poses.  I switched to a full size sheet but still didn't manage to get legs and feet. So much to learn and so much fun.  Now, where in the world will I find live models....
I'm hooked.....