Sunday, July 30, 2006

Treasure Hunt

My baby brother and family has gone back to AZ. Well they might not be there just yet. Before the left Saturday morning we had our Treasure Hunt. Remember the one that I mentioned back in June. Since we didn't get to have it in June we thought to wait until these guys were here. I think everyone had so much fun.
The first thing they had to do was go to the mailbox and check for mail. Hee hee. They got mail!

The mailbox clue sent them to find a word game to play.

The word game sent them back out to find another clue etc etc etc.

They found the loot and took it back inside to count and divide.

Everybody went home with a little bit of loot.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun Flip Flop Floozies

We had so much fun making the flip flops and they were a big hit. Aubrey pooped out because we did this late at night Thursday after they had a big day sight seeing.
Last night we had big family get together. Aunts and Uncles and cousins all came to see Mark and family here from Arizona. Thirty One came and we didn't tell anyone until after eating that it was our forty-four year anniversary celebration. We are blessed with a great family.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Today we had so much fun making flags. This was their last year Christmas present that I didn't get made so I just let them design their own flag. These will adorn their playhouse back in Arizona.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little Golden Books Altered

Our first fun art project with the kids was to alter Little Golden Books.

Linnea and Aubrey with Tim assisting.

Aubrey has finished her Cat book.

Andy and Tim

Swap Arrives

Look what came in the mail this week. The swap that I participated in with Artsymama. My brother and family also arrived from AZ and we are playing. Will show later.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Friend's Gift to Me

This is so cool and hilarious. It's me. My friend came by last Friday and needed a photo of me for a "project". Yesterday she showed up with a bag full of stamps, the latest issue of Legacy and this. She is so talented and this is pretty funny. I needed this laugh and I HeART her. It was a belated birthday present. She is so special.

Monday, July 24, 2006

HeART Journal continued

Here is another page in my Heart Journal. I started this page with Christi's creative prompt in this post. I found myself in the circle going around and around. Even though I didn't stay with the prompt, I guess this page is a result of it.
I may not get time to play with my art this week but I do have some fun things planned. My brother and family from AZ will arrive tomorrow. I have some kid ART planned and I will probably show and tell.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I HeART Time

I believe this is way out of the box for me. Although, I am in it. This would have been a good one to photo in progress. Well, since I didn't, I will tell you about it.
I have to start with the fact that I had a miniature hissy-fit before going home. Escape to ART. The first thing I did was paint a glaze of matte medium with a little flesh color in it. I'm still staring at a blank page. So I pick up a stamp and stamp it four times on the page with acrylic paint. My brain is amused at how symmetrical I did that. I pull out my "Stash Book" and browse. I need diamonds. Yes, these will do but I added my new little diamond stamp on top. I lay them on the page. OMG, it is still symmetrical. I dig a little deeper in the upstairs attic and decide that I am trying to get stuff (insert hissy-fit) back in order, lined up, straight, done with, and over.
Between the h-f and going home, I stopped by my friends, the one that has more toys than me. We talked about using pattern tissue and I said I was planning to try it soon. And she also shared a couple of stamps with me. (OMG, she has soo many) . So, I thought now might just be a good time to try the pattern tissue. I don't know where this page is going. Why not?
The first thing I did was cut the strip that has lines and text and glued it down along the left side. I guess I sort of fixed the symmetrical thing! At this point I hadn't glued the diamonds down yet but I was sure were they were going. I liked the pattern tissue. It is tuff. I tear off some more with numbers and text "9 Back Lining (Jacket)" This is the exact moment that I knew that my page was about Time. But for some reason, 9 o'clock was not the right time. OK things might still be a little upside down; but, I tell you I am over the h-f.
The clock face was one of the stamps that I borrowed from my friend. Do you think maybe that was rolling around upstairs in the attic? Tim passed through and told me I needed purple on the page. So, I added that. Kept adding more bits of tissue and layers of gold glaze and then aged it with brown. The journaling, "Time is on my list of favorite things and My Mother's Clock and Quiet Moments and Little Houses and Doodeling". And there you have it. My session in and out of the box...with me.

PS do go over to see Jeanne's first page.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Organizing with "Stash Book"

You know the little Photo Brag Books that have top loading plastic pockets? Well here is what I use one for. When I get done with a page or project and have little do-das left over. I just stuff them in these little pockets. It is really handy then to browse through when some little something is needed. Just sharing.

I keep them right handy in front of my work space. I have several loaded with postage stamps that my Mother saved for me in the sixties and seventies. She worked in a mail room that received mail from all over the world. I'm not a stamp collector so now I have something to do with them. I am so lucky and grateful.

HeART Journal and Creative Prompt

Here is my page about my love for ART, Monet and Gustav Klimt. I think it is quite beautiful. Regal. I was inspired to use Christi's creative prompt that she offers in this post. I used purple and gold tissue paper, gold and purple paint. Also used a little strip of gold from a candy wrapper.

Oh, Jeanne has started her HeART Journal this week and posted her cover. It is beautiful. I can't wait to see what she "hearts".