Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sing Like Yourself

Sing Like Yourself

One Hundred Faces by Sharon Tomlinson
36" x 12" on wood
 It was very hard to photograph the whole piece.
To get all 100 in one photo (above), I spliced together sections (below).
Don't look too close, the splicing is not so perfect. 

found poem "100"  by Sharon Tomlinson
For a moment she wondered about something to entertain
before blinking she picked faces.

She picked
beautiful dreamy eyes
spicy lips
unruly hair
sweet cheeks
shy and inquiring
a hand

to see
"sing like yourself"

ps: I still have more to say about One Hundred Faces but will leave that for another post. 

Dont' forget, sing like yourself!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Face No 100 deserves her own post

She Deserves a Post of Her Own
One Hundred Faces
Face No 100
Although I have more to share and show about the ending of One Hundred Faces, I thought this last face must have all of the attention of this post.
She deserves the lime light, if you will.

Some of you encouraged me to paint a self portrait in this No 100 position.
Even though I declined, in my eyes, (pun intended) there is a likeness.
I do have green eyes.
And I do have a look of sadness, gloom, or sorrow when my face is in a relaxed state.
Some folk even might accuse me of being mad.
My nose is not that long.
And I don't think that is my lips.
Even though I don't wear head gear as such, on close observation you might see a tuft of gray hair at the edges.
All the flowers are me and I don't know whose gaudy dangle that is. 

beginning with a sketch
 Three weeks lapsed between No 99 and No 100. 
Only because I am so involved in other fun stuff.
Still, I began to put a little pressure on myself to finish, as you do, when being pulled between passions.
So, one morning, I picked up a little piece of yellow card stock and thought to myself, "if I just get a quick sketch out of my head, I can go forward." 
So I did. 
I loved the sketch so much, I enlarged and transferred it to the No 100 position and started to paint.
I do regret that she is so solemn; however, my feeling about such is perhaps it is representational of the little splashes of self portrait that shows up in all of our faces.  

Row One and Two in the scheme of One Hundred Faces