Morning ART Videos

I've started another "Morning Art" series and will be adding the videos as I get them edited.

This morning I pushed through not really wanting to do anything. Didn't want to get out of bed. Didn't want to get ready for office. Didn't want to play ART. But I knew if I just sat down with a journal and painted a face, I would get lost in it and start the day all good. After all, it is Friday. TGIF

So, this is just little snips taken from the 30 minutes of painting.

Sunday morning painting to finish up 8 x 10 cardboard started during "Moring ART 23th". I hoped to find a face but had to wait and wait and look and look. Finally, I saw eyes and realized she was incognito. That's all I know.

Just me and my morning ART time......

Just me painting a few minutes this morning

This is Saturday morning the 24th. Up early and not yet in a talking mode. My favorite time of day when you don't have to talk to anyone. I just turned on the camera and then ignored it. It's long. Boring to most I'm sure. It is for the few who just want to watch. Get your drink of choice first. Mute my music and turn on yours.

April 23rd Morning Art with me.