Thursday, September 29, 2011

And so, that's what I did.
Morning Art time today was a fabulous adventure.
(Although, I skipped my 1.5 mile walking in beauty) 
I could have probably kept fiddling with this but my time was up. 
I'm showing the collage again so you can see the changes which I think is very interesting and though you might think so too.
At some moment I thought it began to have a "Klimt" vibe to it.
A Klimt vibe in Norah'S sort of way.

This is painted on a 78 record album cover. I'll do the next collage on the inside. 
Can't wait.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I used just about all metallic paints.  Wish you could see it IRL.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Collage in progress

 Believe me, I don't really know where I'm going with this. 
Just thought I would share this stage since I can't be a home playing ART.
I brought it to this desk in town but left the art-to-go-bag behind. 
I'm enjoying Katie's instruction and as ever trying my best to get more comfortable with collage. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things that flutter forth

I have to tell you this.  It is another little story about inspiration.

She is from Thursday's Art-at-the-desk.  And I'm so proud that I pushed myself and  actually started on the first page in a new blank Strathmore Visual Journal (5.5' x 8in)
So proud because I have a hard time with white pages and especially the first one in a journal. 

But about the inspiration, I was all done except I hadn't actually finished the background.  Nothing was happening.  The flow was over. I had to pack up and head to my cozy art nest at home.  That's when a part of a butterfly wing fluttered forth from under stuff.  I heard that little voice that said, "just glue it down". So, I did. 

Friday morning while "walking in beauty", a place for exercise of the mind and body, I was on the sixth lap when I began thinking about the background again. I spotted a fence line bush with small leaves and I just snatched some as I went by.  The first thing I did was use them to stencil around and then I painted the little stalk of leaves with Italian sage green and stamped the leaf image around the background.   

That helped but the page still needed more. So I used the white gel pen.  About that time that little blue silk sari ribbon fluttered forth from under stuff.  Again, I immediately heard the voice that said, "attach it, don't think about it just attach it".  So, I did. 

Later, I realized the connection was more than color. It's about the delicacy of the silk and butterfly wing and they even share a tiny pattern.  The stitching is a connection to the cloth side of me.

When I returned to the office Friday morning, I found the other part of the wing on a different desk....fluttered forth....the voice.....and so, I did. 

When inspiration passes you or flutters forth....see it...hear it...use it.
♥ Sharon

Friday, September 23, 2011

Art at the desk

Yesterday, with my little art-to-go-bag and a little extra time at my desk in town, I enjoyed some fun techniques that Katie is presenting in her online class, Layered Impressions.   By the way, Katie has a book coming out by the same name,  Layered Impressions: A Mixed-Media Approach to Painting and Poetry.
I betcha, it will be just as good as her class.  
♥ Sharon

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Look here.  My little art to go bag holds everything I needed today for some art-at-the-desk.  It has paint, collage papers, mediums, brushes, palette knife, palette, journal, rags, Stabilo I said. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sharing Secrets

Found In My Tree
Print now available
Remember Her?

I'm sharing her secret today.

Don't you love her hair?

I do. 

When this painting was "in progress", I was watching one of my favorite soaps.

Tis something I do every evening when I get home.

To unwind.

And when I saw this hairdo, I knew it was so perfect for my girl. 

Yep, I keep my camera at the ready.

Picture quality doesn't matter.  I just want to remember the inspiration.  

It was so perfect.  

Always always be on the look out for inspiration.  It's out there.  You just have to be tuned in (pun intended).

♥ Sharon

Here is another secret.  Large prints are now available of Found In My Tree.

And another secret.  I will be listing the original soon.  The delay is, I haven't put the final protective coat of varnish on it.  Another secret. $250.00

Monday, September 19, 2011

New and Old and Random Business

New Business
Sorry for the poor photo quality.
I'm still limping along without my good camera.
I'm finding the large journal very hard to get good pics of.  I'm hoping it is the camera.
I used a lot of collage papers on both pages and the dried seaweed is also collage.

Old Business
The winner of Friday's First Print Giveaway is: 

Cathy Bueti said...
Sharonn I love this print!! So beautiful!! and I am a big fan of Project Runway too, haven't seen last nights episode yet but I know what you mean about the designers this season. Still hoping one of them jumps out at me to root for! lol
 I think this would look lovely on fabric!

Thanks to everyone who played my giveaway game.  I ♥ and appreciate all of you!

Random Business

 (1)  If you guessed that I was the third one over in the fifth line down in the Class of '62.......that's me!
My high school sweetheart was in the class of '61 so he's not in the pic.  He was Mr LHS of that year as well as the president of his class and one hot center on the football team. 
And I Got Him!!!! 
The dinner was lovely even though not many there from our age groups.  It was fun to catch up with those who were there.

(2)  Have you noticed what blogger is doing now when you click on a picture?   I don't necessarily like it simply because it opens all the pictures in the post instead of just the one you want to see. That's all well and good if I'm here at this desk-in-town. The desk at home is on slower than fast and faster than slow internet and I'm too impatient to wait for all the pictures to load.
Well, I just don't like that. 
I think I should tell them so.

Meeting adjourned.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Class of '62 and their hairdos

Look at us.
We showed up for senior pictures 50 years ago (fall of 1961) with the same hair do.

My high school sweetheart (class of '61) and I will be attending the annual ex-students alumni dinner tonight. 

I'm all set with a fresh haircut and a new outfit.
Slept an extra two hours so I will look rested and 30 years younger.
I Just have a couple of things left to do.
Toenails and whiskers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday First Print Give-Away

Heart Memory 8 x 10  original available
I watched Project Runway last night.  Do you love that show?  I do. However, I tell you, this year doesn't seem to have many real designers.  Or is it just me?

I mean really! The designs they are showing just seems so simple and........well.......ugly. 

If I were on that show,  I'm sure I would try something like these two sisters in Heart Memory.  

As a matter of fact, yesterday, when I made a print of this original painting, I thought exactly that.  As much as I love fabric, I should try this in fabric.  I'm wondering, would you wear it?  

I'm offering this original in my shop now.  And did you know, I always make a print while I have the original to compare it to? Yesterdays first print was so gorgeous! I was so excited that I decided to have a give-away with this first print. And call it Friday First Print Give-Away. 

You know what to do.  Comment. I'll post the winner Monday.
♥ Sharon 

PS  Thank you for loving my pendants.  Some are still available ;0)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make your own Day Panner

A Tutorial....of sorts
 I didn't want anything fancy.  I just needed something I could write "The Plan" in.  I found this Composition Book and I chose it for the size. I liked both the 7.5" x 9.75" size, as well as, the number of pages size. It has 100 pages (counting front and back = 200).  I also like that the pages are stitched in as I thought it might accommodate me adding stuff.  
The inside front has good information and I don't plan to cover that up.  The inside back cover has conversion tables that I like. However, I will probably cover up the multiplication table.  Don't think I will need to refer to that.
The first thing I found out was the paper doesn't really like wet media.  I have resorted to using masking tape to scatter my ART through the book.  I found an online source for a blank Calendar Template that you can download.  You can resize them and type in information before printing. I tried to use a glue stick with this September calendar and it wrinkled.  I'm OK with it....I'm OK with it....I'm OK with it............................. see this doesn't need to be perfect.  Just a place to write down "The Plan".    (but October will be perfect)
When adding the print, I left the top open to create a pocket.  I actually like the way the masking tape looks and feels.  I like that it is transparent and you can easily write on it too.  I'm sure I will add other pockets as needed.
So, I have already started using my day planner.  This is how I organize my shop listings.  I need a visual to connect to the name of the item.  Thumbnail prints work great. (It just quiets my brain)  The glue stick worked  fine with these small images.  While editing the listing photos, I name them and write them here next to the thumbnail.  This makes listing so much easier especially when you are listing 12 items at the same time.  It is a nice record too.
Today my friend, Susan, stopped in with these little tabs she cut for me.   That was on her "plan" for today.  I will add them as needed.   I'm all set with my day planner.  It fits into my purse and I expect it to be full of plans.  I expect it to keep me on target with all the things that I wish to do.  That I day dream about doing.  That I plan to do.  That I need to do.  That I don't want to do that I have to do. etc etc etc.
♥ Sharon

Truth - Angel Art Pendant Mixed Metal Bezel Resin PendantPS  Isn't this picture great?  Well, I took it with my repaired camera.

EXCEPT MY #$#*(*%&#($*#& blank-a-t-blank CAMERA IS NOT FIXED.  Only the Macro setting will focus.  It took a while for me to figure that out and I'm having to send it back.

PSS This little angel pendant is still available. ;0)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angel Pendants

Last year, when I was so willingly sucked into making jewelry, with my friend Deryn, my greatest desire was just to be able to make bezels to showcase snips and fragments from my own art.

Last weekend, "my plan" was to construct 12 pendants, all one of a kind and yet using the same angel bezel design.

Yesterday, I added the finishing touch and have them ready for listing today.  

I feel the rotation back into my painting now and may not make more of these for quiet some time. There is great satisfaction in finishing a plan.  I'm thrilled with the result. 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Memory Journal by Zorana

Oh yes she did!!!!!  She went straight home and made this beautiful  little memory journal and mailed it to me.  You see, a couple of years ago when I visited her, I took her this very little blank journal that I made for her.  She saved if for just the right time.  I guess one could say it is a memory journal collaboration because it still holds memories of my trip to see her and is now full of our memories of her trip to see me.  
And do you believe this!!!!!  She sent me CDs of all the many photos that she took while here and she made this special little case for them. Thank you dear friend for being so thoughtful. xo  

And that reminds me, my repaired camera is expected today and I will be back in business and I can't wait. 

♥ Sharon

Sunday, September 04, 2011

About Summer Break and Making The Plan

My summer break is over.  And I didn't even realize I was on one until last week after my friend Zorana was gone.

I have accomplished a lot this summer but in reflection, I realized I have sort of been on an ART summer break.

I have stayed in-the-moment through this summer just doing exactly what I wanted to do and not doing anything I didn't want to do, in-the-moment.  For example, my bedroom got a makeover and that has been on my to do list since....forever.  Also, I made huge progress on Tim's Cloth and even set up a separate blog to document the process.  I renewed my passion for the Garden Palace while getting ready for Zorana's visit.  I revived my love of gardening somewhat.  And best of all, I had summer company.  One of the two sweetest brothers ever, as well as, one of the sweetest bloggers ever came for a visit. I've also enjoyed Sunday evening dinners with my kids.  AND I did in fact paint a beautiful canvas, The Tree of Life, that is intended for an Etsy listing.

I've had a great summer break.  One of the things Zorana and I talked about was the fact that if you want to accomplish something, you really really must have a plan.  The Plan should be written.  Otherwise, it is not a plan and will most likely not occur the way you have day dreamed it.

So while she was here, we talked about my plan.  The end of my summer break coincides with the start date on my plan which is this 3 day holiday weekend.  The first thing on my plan is to make twelve pendants for an Etsy listing, similar to the ones she and I made.

I'm on-target with my plan and presenting you yesterdays progression shots.  Now, I'm off to continue working on The Plan.
♥ Sharon

Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Art Supply

Moleskin Journal 5 x 8 page 
My friend Zorana brought along a little inspiration clipped from who-knows-what.  She said it had been floating on here art desk for quiet some time.   I know how that is and you probably do also.  Well since it floated along with her to Texas from California, we decided to use to as our first inspiration piece when we started painting.  The above journal page is my interpretation of the inspiration and Zorana is sharing her's on her blog.

She tells the story best on how we ended up with the same new supplies to try out together.   Gouache is basically an opaque watercolor.  Zorana paints faster than I do and I could have diddled with this little painting for another couple of hours.  But we had more fun things to paint.  Will show another next.
♥ Sharon