Sunday, June 27, 2010

Class ART

It just dawned on me that I haven't shared the class ART for Faces in Technicolor here on my blog. Well, I did that because I wanted it to be a surprise to the students. I didn't want to reveal the whole background until they could see it in the videos.
The first piece above is from the first weekend of videos and this second piece is from this weekend. There is a third face which I have only given a little peak of ....with my technicolor lunch at the desk-in-town last week. Face three (lessons 11 through 14) will be up next weekend.
Remember you can jump in classes have no end date.
I'm off to explore Lake Waco with dh and his new toy, and I plan to take my camera and maybe a sketchbook.
♥ Sharon

Friday, June 25, 2010


This is what happens when you leave the water running on the garden all night and then can't pick because it is too muddy. Yep, he did that. Had to skip picking one day. Some of the yellow squash are just way too big but I think they would be good on the grill. Oh me, I dread the water bill too.

I'm having a bit of Fridayidis today. Have so much to do at this desk-in-town. But am just day dreaming about the weekend. I'm looking forward to relaxing in my ART studio and just Playing ART as long and as much as I can.

Do your remember this piece. There are Morning ART Videos of it. I painted this piece especially to donate to a most worthy project that Renee Troy has put together as a fundraiser for A Place To Bark. It is now up on Ebay for bidding. You might enjoy popping over to her blog to see a slide show of all the pages and then to the Ebay site. Enjoy and if you decide to bid, good luck.

Back to the desk now. Only four hours to go. TGIF
♥ Sharon

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technicolor Lunch

While scarfing down this beautiful golden butternut squash and juicy tomato from our garden, here at this desk-in-town, it occurred to me how much the colors were exactly mimicking my palette from this morning's ART.

My Faces in Technicolor class is kicking my butt. The most talented and willing group of students have assembled and from what I can tell, they are totally immersed in the technicolor process.

My painting classes include a Gallery for Critique inside the class room and after a quiet weekend of them watching videos, they very quickly begin to show me in the gallery.

Then it is my tern to tell....critique.
For example here is a snip from one critique, ".......well done and fine just the way it is. But, if you want to perfect it just a little, I wish for you to study where the lights and darks are in your models nostril area of her nose. Do you see how the flare of the nostril creates a hard shadow line that defines the upper side of the hole......."

or here's another,
"♥ The end of the nose/nostril area it beautiful. This is the hardest part of the nose for me and you were so brave to get that beautiful shadow of her nose right out there on her face. So good!"

from another,
"I'm so proud that you challenge yourself to do real known people portraits. And you do have a gift of getting the likeness.
♥ You captured the likeness of her mouth but you could set the corners down with your darkest dark. Study that area in your model.
♥ I know you can be brave with color. (LOL) And you can be more brave on her with color....but only if you would like it...."

You see, it is kicking my butt because this is my favorite part of the class even though it is very time consuming. It is like we are all in the same room and I'm teaching and everybody gets to read the critiques and learn from them. They will be the first to tell you how helpful it is.

The little peeper in the photo above with the golden squash is work-in-progress. I intentionally held up the video of the third face demonstration until the Faces in Technicolor class started. I wanted it to be fresh and maybe address some of the classroom issues. This third face starts with Lesson eleven and will be up Friday, July 2nd (ha that's my birthday).

My desk in town calls....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOW! What a weekend

Deryn's journal.
She uses it to keep her notes,
and pictures of her jewelry ideas.
Oh my goodness! What a weekend I just had. I'm still feeling the excitement inside my body. It is like blowing up a balloon....bigger...bigger....bigger and then anticipating the POP! I think I'm going to POP!

I could tell you the best part of the weekend was that I took Friday off from the desk-in-town. But it wasn't. I could tell you the best part of the weekend was seeing my friend Deryn's Planning and Plotting journal for her beautiful jewelry. But it wasn't. The best part of the weekend was welcoming my friend to my studio where we Played ART Together. Yes, the weekend was to be about planning and plotting. However, after making that silly little video in the next post down, the excitement took over. We couldn't stop ourselves. You know how it is. You want something and you want it NOW.

That is what it felt like.

We have to start NOW!

We did.

We didn't expect to get past the planning stage of our great collaboration adventure. But you know how I believe, "nothing ever happens before it is time and one thing leads to another". We felt some little nudges from the universe and we felt our own excitement building and we knew...It is time!
Maybe you have guessed that yes we are going to collaborate on an out-of-this-world, blow-your-socks-off, over-the-moon, jewelry and mixed media on-line workshop that will be presented at my All Norah'S ART Ning site. We have already set up the group. Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Deryn showed up with her full bag of tricks and tools and supplies. We proceeded to begin the video process of our collaboration. We've already videoed hours of lessons and I'm telling you it really really is going to blow-your-socks-off. Before she left, I took a picture of her taking a picture of my bezel.

photo of and by Sharon Tomlinson
Just a little history, the next day after attending a workshop that Deryn presented in College Station, about an hour down the road from me, I came home so excited about learning a new way to use my images. I played and experimented pouring the Ice Resin that I had just learned about. The above is the front of one of my experiments and the picture below is the back side.
photo of and by Sharon Tomlinson
The images are from my Castle Tower series from exactly one year ago.
Hence, the name of the class is, Of Towers and Turrets.
We don't mean to keep you hanging. And we won't. We will be prepared later in this week to give you more more more of the details.
If this post seems a little disjointed, it's just my excitement. I think I am going to POP!
♥ Sharon

Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing ART with Deryn

Message Area

At home today.

and believing...
Some of you may have received this in your e-mail this week.
I did.
And just want to say it is a great feeling to be highlighted like this.
Click on the link and scroll down.....
you will recognize the Message Area and read # 5 Use the buddie system.
I have lots of Buddies, and one is on her way.
♥ Sharon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Serving Acorns Today

The first of the acorn squash are in the house!
I think this is my favorite squash.

For lunch today here at my desk, I'm serving this.
Cut the squash in half and slice off a tiny bit of the end.
That is so it will sit up straight.
Scoop out the seeds.
Add a spoon of margarine and season to taste.
Use press and seal wrap (love that stuff) to seal.
Microwave on high 4 minutes.
And then maybe a little more.
Unwrap and fork around in the meat so the margarine will soak in.
ummm good!


PS....on the way out the door, I fed the seeds to my flock.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last Plum Story

I promise this is the last of the plum stories. For this year. Do you have one of these really cool contraptions shown above? I don't know it's name. It was passed down to me and I'm thinking it is most likely at least 70 or more years old. I tell you it works like a well oiled machine and last Saturday evening, I processed 12 cups of the most beautiful plum puree you have ever seen.

Emelie was the one who mentioned plum sauce. She motivated me to do it. I was on the verge of letting them all go to waste and yes with huge amounts of guilt at that. She sent me her recipe and I did a little research on the net but in the end, I do what I always do. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and taste and add more of this and some of that and taste. I simply can't follow a recipe.

Sunday morning while making the plum sauce, I just kept thinking about my grandmother who lived to be 96 and spent many an hour picking, cooking, and canning from her garden. I thought about how she surely never would let one plum go to waste. And I thought about how she did all this many years of her life in a home without air conditioning. Heck, when I was just a young one, she didn't even have running water, not to mention other very important modern conveniences. When I finished, I was wiped out. Exhausted. And I only ended up with 8 jars. That sure wouldn't be enough to carry a family through the winter. All of this thinking sure didn't help the guilt I was already heaping on that silver platter that I always carry for such special guilt. I carried the silver platter outside to have another look at all the plums that I was letting go to waste. You know, I needed some kind of affirmation that, "yep, I should feel really really guilty about letting so many plums go to waste".

Here is what I discovered. The plum tree was buzzing with hundred of butterflies, wasp and one great big red headed woodpecker. Sure enough there were many many more plums to be had. All of a sudden, the sliver platter slipped out of my hands and all the guilt just fell right to the ground along with over ripe plums. Sometimes, it is just about the big picture. Made me wonder if my Grandmother left some on the tree for ....................
I bet she did.
♥ Sharon

Workshop starts Friday morning.
I hope to see you there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Faces in Technicolor Winner is

But first, I want to THANK YOU all for putting out the word about my Faces in Technicolor class that starts Friday. You all did a wonderful job of showcasing my class on your blogs and I really got a kick out of those who told someone in person or by email. So cool. I'm very excited and I don't remember when I said I would draw for the second free spot, but I just thought it needed to be now. SO...............................................................................

Did you know you can collapse the comments and then just print the names in a list. I know. So smart. Anyway, I did and then I folded and then I drew and the winner for the second free spot in my Faces in Technicolor online e-course is.................

Rina said...
Hi Sharon,

I love for a chance at your workshop....I did post all
the info at my blog.

June 08, 2010 11:43 AM

Congratulations Rina, I look forward to having you in my class. Watch for the group invite in you email.

If you haven't signed up for the class, I hope you will. It is so much fun to start with the first wave of ARTIST. There is so much energy and encouragement and good vibes bouncing around. I love love love it.

♥ Sharon

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Add your Link

Hey ya'll.....check this out.
I moved the Blog Hop links to my side bar. Just scroll down a ways and you can still add your link. That way it won't fall off the page.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lunch Time

Hello My Friend Zorana,

This was for you and then I did a silly thing and decided to invite everybody.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Remedy for feeling stretched

I have a "feeling stretched" remedy for you. A friend told me this a long long time ago. She said when feeling overwhelmed with all the many task at hand, just pick one and do it. So, I did. The task that I managed was to update my sweet grandson's COTAforRyanT website. That was the most important task.

But I also have my own remedy that works. I made a list of the many task that were building up in my head and getting all crowded and pushed around and causing me to "feel stretched".

And then I managed to actualize and mark off several things. One of which was to get the Lesson Schedule posted over in the classroom of the Faces in Technicolor class. Here is the opening day:
JUNE 18, 2010
LESSON ONE (11:55): ♥About the class ♥Canvas preparation ♥Finding a model

LESSON TWO (13:47): ♥Sketch discussion ♥Value discussion ♥Sketch demonstration

LESSON THREE (9:37): ♥Color value exercise
( those aren't times....that is the length of each video)

I can't tell you just how excited I am about the class. It is a good class with great lessons to be learned; but the exciting part is getting to see all the students paintings and feeling their enthusiasm and seeing their pride with painting. Some of my students are painting for the first time and it just gives me such a warm feeling inside.

Remember there is a second free spot drawing. Read all about it in this post. The thing to remember is, if you have already paid for the class and you are the winner, I will refund your class fee.

So, I'm feeling not so stretched now.
♥ Sharon

PS: I have updated the Cloth to Cloth page. See tabs at the top, just under the header.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Feeling Stretched

We still have lots of plums.
Not for long as they are falling ripe to the ground.
One person can eat just so many plums.
I would send some home with you if you came for a visit.
I'm feeling as stretched this week as that shirt full of plums. I have so many things on my unwritten list that I need to write the list. I felt a crash coming on last night so I landed in bed at 8pm. But I'm still feeling tired this morning. I have had several weekends in a row that were not ARTful and I don't know that I can take much more of that.
Well actually, my adventure last weekend was ARTful but not with a paint brush in my hand. And I need a paint brush in my hand.
My adventure was great. My friend Susan and I went down the road a bit to partake in a class with my friend Deryn. The class was "Clear Applications in Resin". I so enjoyed seeing Deryn again and she is a wonderful teacher. Don't miss her if you get a chance to take any of her classes.

PS... There is still time to comment for a free spot in my Faces in Technicolor class. Scroll down for that post.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Making Wishes

Good Morning,
I was just cropping around in my ART photo file
and loved this crop.
Needed to share.
I'm not very silent about my wish for time.
I'm off on an adventure today.
Be back tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Got Guts

OK, this might be the first and only post that I "delete". But for now, you need to know that, "I am an ARTIST with Guts".

I am doing this and day dreaming about doing this and that is that!
I only showed one person and he just rolled his eyes. Did you? I didn't really show him. I just passed by with a black marker in my hand baiting him. Sure enough he ask, "what are you writing?" I flashed my leg; he rolled his eyes; and that was that. Then the next day, yesterday, I had guts to begin to make the day dream happen. Maybe. It could. Then this morning I needed to tell U (Universe).
ABOUT YOU: You guys are thrilling me with your comments and posting about my new workshop. I chuckle with delight reading what Wendy said"....Your message is being broadcast to all readers of Craft Dinner". Dolls with Destiny who is just now starting a blog said she has told her sister. Joeanns who is a new student in the Faces: All Norah'S workshop said she has told three people. Lynne from the UK doesn't have a blog but she has emailed the link to a bunch of people. And I ♥ ♥ ♥ all you guys who put up a button in your sidebar. Don't worry about multiply comments on that post, I am writing the names down as we go so I and draw from the hat. I'm so happy that I thought to make it clear to the ARTIST who don't yet have a blog.
Class Name: Faces in Technicolor
Start Date: June 18, 2010
Cost: $55.00

My new class is now open for registration. The class is about painting faces with a wild and crazy palette of Technicolors.

I am so excited to share with you the fun of non-traditional flesh colors in faces as well as the how and why of it. In this class we will start with a blank white canvas, go on a model search, discuss the importance of values when painting faces, do an exercise to better see values, discuss the color wheel, go on a search for background inspiration and learn how to incorporate the colors in the background.

I will demonstrate using a few Golden heavy body paints and mediums. However, you do not have to use the same brand or colors that I will be using.

Registration is now open. The class Start Date is June 18th. There are 10 lessons of over 4 hours of video. I have not worked out the exact class schedule yet but the videos will be presented over a course of several weeks. I'm thinking 3.

As always, this class will not have an end date. It will be available for you at your leisure, dressed or not.

It makes me so happy to offer this because you know what? I love the "teacher love" that I have received.

You can visit my Ning network here. Sign up if you haven't already. I'll pass you through. There is a paypal button for the class there as well as here.
Sharon Pendergraft, the winner of the first free spot is already over there in the classroom along with a few others. Nothing is up yet on the blackboard but I will be posting the class schedule and supplies and stuff asap. In the meantime, it is a fun place to meet and visit while waiting for the teacher.

I'm so thrilled with the excitement about the new class. Thank you.
♥ Sharon
hello hello...are you still here?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Almost ready for you to register for new class

Yes that is correct, just as soon as I can get the registration information and pay pal button up at allnorahsart.ning, we can get started.
I am so excited to share with you the fun of non-traditional flesh colors on faces.
I would have had this ready today but last night right in the middle of posting the class registration on the network, ZAP!!! a storm blew in and we were without electricity for about seven hours. So I lost all that I had been working on. I'm hoping I will have time to do it again from this desk later today.
In the meantime, let me tell you this. I am going to add a blog tab up at the top where you can click over and read all about the class. You know, what we will do, a little bit about supplies and all that good stuff.
But here are some facts I can tell you right hear and now: Class tuition is $55.00. Registration will start as soon as I can get it up. The class will actually start June 18th. That will give a couple of weeks for the Artist to gather and get ready. It is so much fun when starting with a big group all at the same time. The energy is so exhilarating and inspiring and I hope you will all join in.
If you haven't signed up with your comment for a chance at the free spot. You can still do that. But time is running out because just as soon as I go figure out that random number thingy, I will probably edit this post with the winner.
True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 85
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Anonymous said...
Oh my goodnes....OH MY awesome! How can I pick a favorite? But if I would be the colors used in LUSCIOUS LIPS! You are SO talented! Sharon Pendergraft WINNER!!!!!
For a chance at that:
1. Tell about my new workshop on your blog with a link back to me.
2. Then leave your comment in this post telling me that you did that.
4. If you do not have a blog, leave me a comment here and tell me that you have told at least one person about this new class. .....or something like that.
3. The day before the workshop starts, I will draw a winner for the second spot from comments on this post. If you have already signed up for the new class, I will refund your payment.
♥ Sharon