Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Played Hard

She came. She's gone and we played hard.  I love this is like she is "flying".

Well actually, she did.  But she is already back home now.

What a grand visit we had ....
bird watching
jewelry making
bird watching

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jude's Magic Feather Project

Because you may not have heard, I have something to tell you about feathers.

Magic Feathers.

Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth blog has a new project.  You can click over to this post to get the whole story but in essence, she has invited anyone who loves to stitch to send her a stitched-by-you magic feather.  It is for a special project she got cooking.

Jude is offering a free Magic Feather workshop for the month of August where she shows and tells all the hows and whats and ways you can make magic feathers.  Jude's goal is to collect 1000 feathers.  You can also watch the Gathering of the feathers.  As of today she has 54.

We have Blue Jays this year which we rarely see here.  And last weekend while in the yard I found two Blue Jay feathers.  It was like magic. Magic Feathers and magic inspiration.

I'm off now to get ready for my special company.  Lots to do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

backdoor window

Dear Friend,
I'm so excited about your visit that I can think of nothing else. I am counting down and OMGoodness, it is three days and a few hours!!!

So I have decided to reveal my surprise before you get here because I know how you are. I know you are all in a dither because I said, "I'm working on a surprise for you. But it's not something you can have. It is just something to look at while you are here." I told you it is "no biggie".

Well, guess what?  It is a biggie. It is the kind of big as "the elephant in the room".
kitchen window

Although we call it The Garden Palace and it is not in the room, you can see it in view from several rooms.  When anyone sees it, they instantly want to go closer and go inside.  That happened last year when my friend Deryn was here.  It is a curiosity.  But I just could NOT let her go in.

The fact is, The Garden Palace is mine and I have neglected it shamelessly.  Here is the problem.  While I have not been tending to things over there, I have had some seasonal (winter) guest move in.  You might even call them squatters, of the furry type.  They found the accommodations to their liking but oh my they are a messy bunch.  I have been so overwhelmed, crushed and disgusted with myself for letting this happen, that I couldn't face it. So no one besides me has been allowed inside The Garden Palace for quiet some time.  

And there really is something quiet fantastic to see over there. And it is only natural that you would want to go over there.  And it is something that I love showing off.  And you simply can not come all the way from
California and then have me say, "sorry, no, you cannot go inside."  It is just a great big little play house full of  things and projects.  

It has a wonderful story to tell and I am excited that you are coming and I want you to see it.  I am  cleaning up the mess so it is somewhat presentable.  I didn't start early enough to get everything done that needs doing.  But I will let you go over and go inside and we will sit and visit about things.

That is my surprise.  The elephant in the room.  But now it really feels like it is more for me than for you. I think I'm confused.

bedroom window

studio Window

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello friends and followers.  Creatively, I have mostly been stitching.  Mostly because I can do that while resting in the chair zone.  Lately, I have been inspired to do other things around this home.  Things that I am feeling a renewed passion for like the yard work and other little projects.

I have become very aware of the fact that I am content to do the things that inspire me at-the-moment. I'm not sure you know what I mean by that but I guess there are so many things that are always on my mind that I wish to do and sometimes, I let the weight of all of these thoughts slow me down.  That is not what is happening now.  Now I am just content with what I manage to do at-the-moment and let the enjoyment fill me.

Of course you  know, I would probably be sharing more with you if I could get use to my temporary replacement camera that seems to always need charging.  I'll be so happy when mine gets back from repair.

I'm off now for a secret project I'm working on each morning.  Because I'm expecting a Dear Friend late Sunday who will be here for a few days.

I'm blessed and so are you.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Tree Of Life

"Tree of Life"
24 X 30

I'm without words.
Thank you for being there and cheering me on.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Good Morning,
She is still on my easel. During this morning's art period, I was ready to start painting her face. I don't know why but I have been avoiding the face. She is still a work in progress but it does help to console me if I can bring her in picture form with me for the day to this desk in town.  Isn't is odd that one can see the little things that need changing when looking at the screen.

I wish I were at home with her and still painting.