Friday, February 28, 2014

I thought I didn't like her

Fist No 16 Face

Face 15 rubbed away
Face 16 new sketch
Face 16
I can't believe how long I spent on this little postage stamp size face!
And you know what? 
In the end, after a redo, I think I like the first one!
Way it goes!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

eyes became veiled

#15 with Modigliani reference
I may be loosing perspective but I think even painting a cropped version still shows the Modigliani style.
The elements of blank eyes
long nose
pointed chin
I just noticed the text in the top square...
"...eyes became veiled."

Well! that leaves me fresh out of words for today.

One Hundred Faces
Face No 15

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garden Palace Morning Glory Room

Morning Glory Painting
Artist Unknown
I am ready to start working on Garden Palace projects other than the cleaning which is going well. 
Close up Morning Glory Painting
 My first project is this beautiful morning glory painting.
It is very old and there is no signature anywhere on it. 
It is a very unusual triptych. 
Center section - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 As you can see, there is irreversible damage.
 Left Side - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 I'm not wanting to restore it.
I just want to clean it and do something that will stop the deterioration. 
Right Side - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 It was in this condition when I purchased it.
Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
I had to have it anyway.
No one else would have wanted it.
I knew in my soul it was meant for me and my Garden Palace.
Stained Glass Window in Morning Glory Room
 I found it after I had already stenciled this room 
Stained Glass Window in Morning Glory Room
 and made these stained glass windows.
So you can see how perfect the painting is. 
I knew I would regret it forever if I had walked away from it. 
Clay Pot and Wooden Plaque
I also glazed this pot for the morning glory room.
I will tell you more about the plaque when the time comes to hang it. 

So, if anyone has any thoughts about how and what I should do to the morning glory painting, I would appreciate your comments. 
I'm sure it was painted with oils. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

No 14 in pastel

Sunday morning face!

No 14 Beginning
Face No 14
This one is not Modigliani inspired.
I'm really drawn to these pastel colors.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

No 13 the same but different

Yesterday, I called No 13 my Sunday morning face.
Wanda pointed out on Facebook that my "retirement was showing".
 And I didn't have a clue what she meant. 
Yesterday was Saturday. 
So, #13 is my Saturday morning face and I will be painting a Sunday morning face shortly. 

13 of 100 Faces
I really like the way this is looking as the faces begin to add up and even though this is a pretty bad photograph, I thought you might enjoy seeing the scheme of things as they stand today.
Face No 13

I used the same Modigliani reference for No One and 13.
I knew I was going to change up the whole technique and thought it would be cool for them to be next to each other. 
Here are some differences: 
No One
I sketched and painted many layers on the text.
The black outline was done with a dip pen
 She is framed. 
No 13
The first layer was black over the text.
I sketched with lead pencil on the black which showed up nicely. 
I cropped the Modigliani to show more neck and moved it to the right.
The black outlines are the background showing.
I stopped with just very few layers and tried to stop myself much sooner.
No frame.
Face No One & No 13

You can see other differences.
I can't say they were intentional. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello Mister

Not much to say about this fella other than he is another tiny face of about 3/4 inch wide.

And he is my "nod" to Hundertwasser, artist.

My board does have places for larger faces but for some reason,
I'm wanting to learn the lessons that await me in all the tiny spaces. 

I suppose the other reason is I don't want to be distracted with a larger face watching me paint the smaller ones. 

So far, I haven't been inspired to go there. 
To the left side where the challenges becomes something different. 

Yesterday when my time to paint came,
I just had to paint this one.
Face No 12 My nod to Hundertwasser

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