Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seeing blue eggs

I kept seeing a blue egg....I wonder why? And I had to see. I looked very quickly and then wiped it off.
Now it is finished for sure. I will list it in my next Etsy update.

Oh yes, there is something weird about this painting. The first face I painted (middle) and the last face I painted (bottom) are looking at me and you too, no matter where I move. But the "dreamer" is just dreaming.

like or not....you knew I would show

Monday, April 27, 2009

Something New part three

Hello anonymous,
I have been thinking that you are the one person who might really really enjoy these new paints. That is because of the watercolor-like element to them and your experience with that. I personally have a love/hate relationship so far but I am keeping an openness to them and trying to be challenged. I ask myself, what can I do with these that I can't do with what I already have.

Excuse me while I ramble a little.

I want to say these paints are for beginners and yet what I try to do with them is not beginner...I don't think. I want to say they are for background and yet I kept putting stuff in the front. I know I will mix them (mixed media) with other paints but first I want to see what they will do on their own. I don't like to load my brush by dipping in a jar and yet, I'm sure I have saved a lot of paint from drying up on my palette. They are a bit too creamy for my taste and they don't leave the canvas looking as though it is loaded. Do you know what I mean? But I did find that using the Golden soft gel matte or gloss over the painting is the answer to that. That is something I do on all of my paintings. It is a shame I only afforded 6 jars and yet I'm glad that I didn't spend anymore on them. Because of their transparency, they do have a spot on the paint shelf. Because of their transparency, I will need to use my Golden's with them. Did I say I have a love/hate relationship so far?

I always know when a painting is finished and am amused when I read someones blog who says, "I don't know yet if it is finished". It's not if you are wondering. It just means you need to pay attention to your muse and flow with her. I flowed with mine right out-of-the-box.

So, twice I have finished this one and yet I have it sitting here with me today at my desk and I swear I will not be able to resist one more finish that I tried to ignore last night. It is there. You won't see it until I show you. And I won't show you if I mess it up and what I want to do could very possibly mess it up. I recognize this as an argument with my muse and when that happens, I don't know who is on what side. Is she pushing me or stopping me?

I know how I jumped out. Of the box. I painted the first face and before it was finished, I knew we weren't going to be happy. And I thought to myself how safely I had placed the face right in the smoothest spot on the canvas strategically avoiding the texture. So I rotated the canvas to survey a better spot for a face and that is when it occurred to me that I should leave the face and see what would happened with this new transparent paint. Well it is fun out here. Outside. My box. So I looked for a place for the third face. I dared to do it.

And I am going to try to like these paints. Now knowing all of that, maybe you should try them.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something New part two

Oh come on, you know I have to show how I got here. Even if I can't tell how. The canvas was ready with lots of heavy texture made by pushing various things into molding paste....weeks ago. Texture intimidates me. The new paints were challenging. I told you they were transparent. I confess that I did use a little Golden's Paynes Gray liquid as I love to do and the rest is Studio. Oh yes and a little bit of napkin.

Expect a great week,

Edit: Had to add one more thing.....and of course you had to see it. I think it kinda holds them all together.

Something New

A couple of weeks ago I purchased 6 of the 15 colors available of Claudine Hellmuth's Studio acrylic paints.

This weekend I tried them out in my visual journal which is a perfect place to try new things.

In this first picture, I have only used the Studio paints. I did use a little gesso but found the white Studio (not shown) did what I wanted the gesso to do.

The paints are very creamy which is not always a plus for me. They are all translucent and therefore will layer nicely just like watercolor. In fact I did enjoy using water with them and using them like watercolor.

As mentioned, I only purchased 6 colors. I found myself wanting a different value. I remember there was a brown and black and maybe I should have purchased those too. My intention was to use other mediums and I will.

I guess I should try them now on a canvas. Maybe I have time to do that today.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Expecting again

We are expecting again. I checked the boxes while on my Sunday afternoon walk.
We have new residents.
And did you know that the normal incubation time is 17 days after the first egg.
These babies are ready to fly and I know that because I tried to hold one and she flew.
I chased her in the pasture and put her back in the box.

These babies probably hatched three to five days before this photo.
We also have a little brown house wren that has taken up residence in one of the boxes.
However, she has filled the box with nesting material and I cannot see her eggs.
We have seven boxes in all.
Expect birds singing today,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Her Truth

Her Truth
16 X 20 canvas
I'm still working on my weekend list.
I expect you are too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend List

I have a new napkin. It's right there to the left.

Here is my list for the weekend:

I'm not going to vacuum!

I'm not going to run the dishwasher!

And if I don't run it, I won't unload it!

I'm not going to wash sheets!

or anything else!

I'm not going to sweep the garage!

I'm not going to mow the yard!

I'm not going to repot the mother-in-law's tongue.
(the mother-in-law is doing well)

I'm not going to organize my studio stuff.

I am going to paint.

I am going to paint a lady on this canvas.

It won't be the one that I already painted and then painted over.

I am going to rest and take meds to get over this crud that has overtaken my body.

And now.....
I am going to share my excitement with you about the upcoming Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2009 issue.
I just love love love when they use my art for a little sneaky peaky look at the soon-to-be-out issues. It is very exciting to click over there and have a few "sisters" looking back at me. I don't think it shows my name but you'll know they are my "sisters" who went out into the world last year. And don't miss the fact that you can advance order a copy and get free shipping. That's exactly what I did.

Expect a great weekend.

Monday, April 13, 2009


You know at the end of the day...........things might get a little silly. But we sure had fun. That was Saturday at my Junk Paper Journal Workshop. I didn't manage to get many photos but at the end I pulled out my little Flip and here you are. I'm sorry a few were not in there spot and so I didn't get everybody.

The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie where the workshop was held is unbelievable. You just cannot imagine the line of products that Carolyn stocks. I took my friend Susan with me and after one quick stroll through she said, "I think I'm in heaven"......and mumbled something about glad she had her credit card.

Carolyn schedules various fun classes on Saturdays and you can look at the "event" page at her web site to check that out. One event coming up in a couple of weeks that Susan and I hope to go back for is the Canvas and Metal Art class given by Cheryl Darrow of TENseconds studio. What a fun person Cheryl is.

Thank you Carolyn and Sherri for having me on your event schedule. I hope I get to come back soon......maybe with a face painting class.
Announcing winners of the Gift Boxes.
I called my grandson, Tim and ask him to generate a number between 1 and 45.
He generated #37
Cheryl ZanyMayd @ 9:23
I ask my friend to generate a number.
She generated #23
see you there @10:15
I ask another friend to generate a number between 1 and 20.
She generated #17
debbie @ 5:52
And there you have the three winners. I just want to say, I so enjoyed hearing from all you and reading about your Easter plans. That was fun. Thank you.
Expect me around soon,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gift Box Making

Knob Angels can also be Box Angels.
So, here is what I'm going to do:
You watch the Gift Box Making show
and then
leave me a comment about something
how many eggs you expect to color
how many you expect to hide
how many you expect for Sunday dinner
how much chocolate you expect to eat
how much fun you expect gift box making to be
just leave me a comment
the next time I post something
I will have a drawing
the winners will get one of these little boxes in the mail.

And that's how one thing always leads to another with me.


Thank you Tammy Lee, for including me in the Etsy Treasury today. What a great compliment.

Now, please don't expect me back until maybe late in the weekend. But do leave your words and wish and expect to win.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Knob Angels

I call them Knob Angels because they will hang on any door knob and just make you smile.
Don't you suppose there are all kinds of angels just hanging around?
I hope I have time to paint more of these soon.
I hope I have time to make a new video that I have in mind.
I hope I have time to watch for angels.
Expect them,

ps....I hope you might notice them at All Norah'S Art shop

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

............my friend Carolynn

..........and my Daughter in law too. Same birthdays.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Wallflowers Again

wall flowers
stood gazing
so tall
and still
standing quiet
shy as a bird
their wings
like lace
........signed now, by Sharon Tomlinson

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Dang, I looked at it and looked at it and could not see until posted. Spiraling....not Sprialing or Whatever

I seem to be doing things backwards. But this is a little project that I did Saturday. Just for fun. And guess what? It lead me to the painting, Wall Flower Angels, that I showed yesterday. But the Flip video was done this morning as I was about to rush out the door.

You may expect to see more spirals. I'm loving them.