Sunday, May 31, 2009

My World

My World
10 x 10

Finally, I got back to it today and finished. I sort of wish I had painted the face a bit higher/bigger like the sketch. But I didn't and I'm OK with it.

And now for those who were inspired. Julia did a quick mind's eye sketch. Go see. And I may have already sent you to Linda's painting but now you can see how ours differ using the same sketch. I think it is great. Angie in Az was inspired by watching my face painting videos and this painting and she has an "in progress". I am thrilled when I have inspired anyone to make ART. And one more thing, thank you Marelle for the blog award. That thrills me too.

I didn't finish this project and I'm about pooped for today, so I will leave this on the table for you to



Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Houses

inside front cover
collage and doodle


Must make houses.

I stopped other ART today to take a little nap-on-the-couch.

But took collage papers and my little journal with me.


Made Art-on-the-couch instead.

Hope to show other projects tomorrow.

Hope to get back to my painting too.

Expect it,


Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Love Look See Door

Journal Page
started at the desk
finished on the couch
Don't you love short weeks?
I do.
I popped out of bed early this morning knowing it was Friday and all that.
I just Love being at Home.
So, today I will be thinking about what I shall enjoy this weekend.
I will finish my painting from last week.
I will clean the studio a little.
I will show you what I'm doing.
I will Dare to take a nap or two.
Expect it,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family ART

We had company.
Andy. Ashley. Timothy. Linnea. Aubrey.

My brother's three from Arizona.

We played ART.
Aubrey's collage.

Linnea's collage.

Andy's collage.

Today they brought them back to hang in the gallery.

Aren't they awesome!
And that's what I'm been up too.


Other news: My dear Mother in law is now residing in a nursing home and much happier to our surprise.

I am gradually getting my energy back. I had not realized how her care had consumed me mentally, not physically. I am a "fixer" and I was consumed with trying to think of ways to make things better for her.

My ART spirit was hiding and waiting.

It's back.


I started the painting from last week's inspiration.

Haven't taken any "in progress" shots so I will show when finished.

And when I do, I will link to those of you who let me know that you were inspired to try.

Thank you for being out there.

And playing ART.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Be Inspired

Yes indeed, last weekend I saw my art spirit begin to return. Mostly, I think, because I was enjoying the flow of letting go and just "doing it". And while just doing it, I knew "it" was a bit different and fun and raw and me.

And then, your reactions and words and comments meant so much to me. And I thank you each for that connection. I continue to be amazed with this connection. I know it is about inspiration and sharing and kindred spirits, even if I don't know the color of your eyes, or how tall or short you might be or if you have fifteen children or none or if you like the smell of roses or lavender or patchouli. Even if I don't know any of that, I feel the connection and thank you for that.

Will you be inspired? This sketch is my art-at-the-desk for yesterday and today. And I'm sure will inspire my next painting. So, I thought maybe....with our connection and might be inspired to paint and or collage something similar too. Go ahead and be inspired.

If this does inspire you and you do make art, please link to me but also let me know in comments so we can all come see. Fun? Yes.

Expect it,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Art Spirit

I See My Spirit

Wait now. You should not be surprised that I worked in front of her face. I showed the sketch and when the time came I had to hold true to it. I wanted to.

I suppose, well actually I know that this painting fits within my "Sister Series". And if there is a problem with composition and where the eye should enter and where the gaze should lead and what one should see on the way through the experience, well then I have succeeded. For that is the point of my person seeing what is in front of me and through my minds eye. There is always too much to see. Looking through my minds eye. I see my art spirit.



Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've gone way past this. Oh how I have enjoyed ever moment and love the excitement of something new.

This is just a portion of the canvas as it is a 10 X 20 gallery wrapped canvas.

Our electricity was off and on many time this morning while I was painting and I just kept painting.

Expect ending next,



Did you do it? Did you sketch what your minds eye was seeing?

Carol did. You should go see.

And Emelie's comment stopped me dead still in my tracks. Here is part of it......."I see your person looking through what is in front of her mind, pay me no mind that is just what I see."

This hit me so hard that I cannot even put into words the rush of understanding and realization that my subconcsious, perhaps minds eye, was pushing and struggling to see through my houses of little art spirits. It was a moment of truth that my conscious and subconscious mingled. Do you think Norah'S at play here? Could be.

Expect her,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend inspiration

One thing I do know is that the only way I can hold myself accountable is to show and tell a little bit about what I might do this weekend.
So, while my minds eye was still looking, I quickly tried to pencil what it was seeing.
I look forward to the weekend. And while I have been consumed by other things at my house that seems to have stripped me of a little art spirit, I will start a canvas with this bit of inspiration. No promises of the outcome.
Why don't you make a quick little sketch of what your minds eye is seeing?
Let's expect it,

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I haven't played in this journal in a while. I confess I started out doing a little napkin video for you; but, dang if I didn't do the first segment and then discovered that I was just talking to myself and the camera wasn't rolling. It's happened before. So anyway just imagine what I was saying. It would have been good because it was about layering napkins. That's all. I wasn't going to show you how to paint profiles because I just haven't managed that yet.

Now I have to go to my gardens to work. I promised. Myself.

PS I realized when this was nearly finished that I had been influenced by something that has fascinated me this last week. Can you guess what?


This morning I slid out of bed before daylight and pulled on yesterdays outfit. Might as well get up and get going as sleep was off and on all night. Don't you hate when that happens? I like getting up before everyone and making some really strong coffee and slipping into my studio being just as quite as a mouse. Then, sit down in my squeaky chair and it sounds like I stepped on the mouse. Oh well.

I was on a mission. I needed to make a wish and add the last touches to my new painting.

I expect I'll paint some more today. My wish? Well you know I can't tell that one. But here is one I can tell. I wish that you all were here with me today and that we were having a painting ART party. That's what I wish. And I wish to thank you all for visiting me. I feel you even when I'm quite.

So, Thank you.


Thursday, May 07, 2009