Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visual Journal

Tonight I started a new visual journal. Yes, I really did need another. It's not about needing, it's about wanting. Wanting a challenge.

I am inspired to alter this book using instruction and guidance from a booklet that Juliana Coles offered on her Etsy shop. It is from one of her Extreme Visual Journal workshops.

I followed the homework assignment which was to make your name as big as you can and decorate it. So that's what I did. Of course I had to use a napkin. Thank you Julie for the beautiful napkins.

Painting faces without sketches shall be my personal challenge for this visual journal. I want to be able to just pick up a brush and paint a face. Concentrate while brushing the paint on and seeing the face before it is painted. And that is what I've done. I consider this page finished. But if the mood strikes and I feel like adding more to this page, I will. Tonight, I have done enough. But in the future, it may not be

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Monday

During my lazy weekend I managed several naps. But mostly, I enjoyed feeding the birds and making sure the bird baths were full.
We are getting quite a show from the odd couple. I call them that because I have witnessed the darnedest thing. A beautiful red male cardinal is being seduced by a brown non-cardinal. We think she is a female purple finch which is brown. But not sure. I am positive she is not a red bird (cardinal). She sits on the bird feeder and does that little quivery helpless thing and he watches her and then they both cock their head back and forth (talking). Then he gets a seed from the feeder and feeds her. Have you ever seen that? The other morning, I was watching out the kitchen window while this love fest was going on and eventually he flew off. I kept watching as she appeared to be waiting. Sure enough, moments later he landed on the feeder with a juicy bug or worm and fed her. After which they took flight together out of sight. They seem to be a couple. Odd.

Regina, it's on the way. Thank you for being so patient with me. Just watch for the above.

And a big thank you to my commenter persons. I love hearing from you and I can't seem to catch up on my returns visits so I will start fresh this week. We still have lots of hot days of summer left here in Texas. I always thought I was a summer person but this year it's getting me.

Under new business: I received an envelope from Washington state just full of the most wonderful napkins. And this envelope had no name or return address inside or out. Let me thank you please.

Today I received a nice little stash of envelopes from Dragonlady in Florida. Thank you Brenda. And Brenda, I'm thinking the sisters will be going to the beach soon......probably Flamingo Beach. Do you know where that is?

OK, one last bit of Old Business: Today we celebrate 46 years. However, there doesn't seem to be a celebration planned. Other than he's gonna cook.



Friday, July 25, 2008

Sister Trip

.....going to a tea party!

They are on their way. Some of the sisters are going to a tea party. It's sealed up and gone.
Here's me this week.
Seemed like a dark week for me.
Noting in particular.
Just summer doldrums.
I have to go look up that word.
To see what it means.
Ok, here it is: a state of inactivity or stagnation.
PS.... I really think it's the fact that a huge wind has blown through my studio. Yes, that's it. Looks like a tornado hit. And on top of that, all the butterflies have escaped.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail ART Box

Sisters travel in style.
Here is a little peek of the box I'm sending the Tea Party Challenge in.
Haven't much time today because I have been doing ART-at-desk!!!
I will save the box top for another post.
I'm good here except my generator is not generating quite as fast as I would like.
It keeps wanting to go to sleep when I go home an sit down.
All is good though.
Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and saying so.
Enough now,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Break

I needed to take a break and try my best to resist making a mug cake. Did you try it?
Today I'm painting on a 7" paper mache box and although the top here is not finished, I'm about to work on the bottom of the box.
Just thought you might like to see what's up here. Do you think it looks like she is laying in a field of daisies? Could be I guess.
Here is some news. Some of you have seen and mentioned and thank you for that. Exciting, Yes.
Enough now,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eat Cake

We had a birthday party this morning. Right before their eyes, back there on the desk in the big office I stirred up a mug cake just like this one. They (three big fat coffee drinkers) were impressed as all git out. We put a candle in and sang too.
This one I stirred up after the house was dark and quite night before last. Amazing. I learned about this little 5 minute treat at Patty's and today was my third time to make it. Patty has links to where she learned about it.

I'm warning you though. Don't do it. I'm thinking (day dreaming) about all sorts of flavor amendments to try.
Here's how:
4 Tablespoons cake flour
[which I didn't have so I used all purpose and added 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder]
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug
You mix the ingredients in a mug, pop in a microwave and zap it for about 3 minutes and voila!
This would easily serve two. However, I ate the whole thing with just a little butter and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. For this mornings birthday mug cake I sprinkled powdered sugar that had a little bit of cinnamon mixed in. Yum.
Enough now,
PS let me know if you try it and how many pounds you think you might gain

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Day

I am going places.
Not really. I just thought If I'm gonna show my face, maybe I will show my feet too.

Here is another page in my Good Fortune Journal. I used two napkins on it. Don't forget that you can layer napkins. Fun Fun
And here is another hint. If you are unsure about a color palette for your piece, use the napkin colors as your guide. It will be good.

So here I am. Well actually this was yesterday but I had other news yesterday. Don't ask me why I need to show and tell my face. I can't answer that. And I can't tell it either.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Come on down folks.............................. Have you heard?
There is going to be a little old Texas ART playing re treat.

Two gals up the road are puttin on a fun time to be had all.

OK, we don't talk like that. But here is the deal, Click on the retreat poster to the left and it should take you to the new blog (in progress) about this event.

And here is another deal, I'm going to teach a Face on a Box session.

And here is a class sample that I did last night.

You know you want to do it. It's not just for Texas folk.

She looks like a "sister on a box". Can't help it. That's what I do. And I believe that I can show you how too.

The project is on a paper mache box and includes collage of papers, and painting a face from your sketch. Yes you can cause I'm gonna show you how.

Norah'S planning to be there in full force and she's already up to some shenanigans. I will just tell you that she is really good about sending your Dear Doubtful Donna out the door.

I've said enough for now.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I think I am about to combobulate!

I finally got beyond this page. It is in my Good Fortune journal. And I started this way earlier this year and got stumped. That seldom happens to me because one my of my good-bad traits it to be a problem solver. .......not going there now.

Anyway, here it is and I have given you the link to the set in flicker so you and go and see and then you will agree with me that it doesn't necessarily "fit" with the rest of the journal. But it is good enough.

And now as proper as I can do this,
I want to thank
honoring me with blog awards
I really do appreciate the recognition and it is so nice when you all visit me.
I love getting your comments and I hope you know how
combobulated it make me feel.
Enough now,

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Good morning my bbff,

I have not been creative and therefore have not blogged anything and when I do that ....let time lapse between post, then it is hard to open that door again. And please don't think me unappreciative of the blog awards. I get so overwhelmed with them that I don't know what to do. I am so honored that you think of me/my blog with such nice honors. I will do a proper post when I am put together better.

I have been spending some time in my yard, just walking around with the water hose and then some minor little accomplishment happens. Like moving a lawn chair from the garage back door to the Klimt patio. And then sitting down in the swing and thinking about how I need to make a nice colorful Klimt like pad for the seat. Fun. Maybe that is what I will do today, I have been feeling like doing something with fabric and I do need to mend that pink sheet. But I sat down at my desk and looked again at that journal page that you told me was OK to leave unfinished and I forgot what I was inspired to do to it to finish it up. I was reading a blog and saw a window that reminded me of another project that I was inspired to do a while back. I have two old "falling apart" windows in the garage and I was going to check and see if the size would work to "frame" the first two Sister painting prints. I will take a tape measure and check that out. I need to make a couple of napkin swap mail art envelopes. I received some more this week. Beautiful. And I need to paint a little class sample and write a short synopsis of that. Sorry, not in the mood for that. I just read blog that said she takes cue from her pets. ....when they want to eat, they eat, when they want to sleep, they sleep. when they want a drink, they drink.......I'll be thinking about that all day and I will go out and sit in the swing and watch my chickens. I want to see what they are doing when they want to lay an egg. And when I want to make ART, I will make art. Yesterday, I was looking for that picture of my Mother sitting on the bench and being beautiful. The one where she has a very slight little pooch and I had figured out that I was there. I found the picture but I did not find the pieces of the puzzle that I had already put together to learn of being there. That discombobulated me. That stack or pile of pictures are in a card board box along with my baby book and other stuff. I surely need to get that organized or at the very least in a proper acid free storage something. I got another store bought hair cut and I was going to show you a picture of that. As a matter of fact, I was going to start exposing my self a bit more here like maybe a picture a week for this whole year. I started that and thought to do that on "my day" but now I'm already behind. Discombobulated.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Holiday Art

OK, you know the routine. I paint, I photo, I must show.

Thank you so much for all the "my day wishes". They made my day. It was great. I wanted a personal DVD player for my art desk so I could watch movies while ARTing and dh gave me a personal laptop. He's the best.

I was tickled to hear that some of the napkin swappers received their packages on "my day" That was just little bit of strateegarey on my part.
So here is the starting sketch I started early on my holiday day off. FUN ART DAY!

starting to cover white canvas

adding color and collage papers

adding more color
beautiful napkin added

for size reference
(that little sister is still available)

16 X 20
Enough now,

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's My Day

Y'all can sing now.

Do I look that old?

I know, but I'm working on it.


Next, I'm trying ice cold tea bags.
Enough now,