Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

About 12 hours from alarm will sound.
Which means I should be packing.
But I'm having too much fun.
I sure should have made a list.
Can't focus.

Too excited.
It is real. I have boarding passes.
I'm gonna take this little snip.
And show you later.
What it really is.
When I get to California.
Much to do.
Enough for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Sister Story

Meeting in the Moon Garden
January/February 2009, Somerset Studio, Black & White, Volume 13 Issue 1
Very early this year the Somerset Studio call for "Black & White" art went out.
You know my "sisters" had to go.
I am thrilled and honored to be included in this beautiful issue.
Oh how exciting it is to have a little corner on the contents page.

And then, on another corner among page after page of beautiful black and white art.

It is all so very exciting, but that is not the story I was going to tell you about.

This story is about a blogging sister family.

It's about one blogging sister who dared another blogging sister.

And they each took the dare.

Two books.

Two blogging Sisters.

Two Artist.

Meeting face to face.

A page in my I Dare You book by Zorana.
(See this page in her book here.)
She returned my book with this beautiful page finished. I hope I have time to do another page in my book before I take it back to her to swap again.
Friday the 26th.
Two blogging sisters
California and finish the year of 2008 making ART together.
You know we will show and tell.
Expect beautiful art next year,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Sister Story

I have another sister story to share. Last Friday evening I received an Etsy conversation from a new virtual friend who wondered if I had a group of seven sisters. She said her "sister family" included her Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, herself and two daughters and she would like to have five prints. She was OK with a group of five sisters as her two daughters are still very young. However, I felt sure we could include the two young daughters and sent her a message that I would work on the options that I could offer early Saturday morning.

I looked at this painting of Sisters in their Nightgowns and told her I could crop the seven sisters from the right side of the painting for a very nice group. Or I could crop the seven middle sisters from the first Sisters' Reunion painting for a very nice print.

Since I have a large format printer, I offered two different size options. My new virtual friend told me she was partial to the Sisters Reunion painting and wanted the seven middle sisters. She explained that it perfectly portrayed her sister family and the two smallest sisters represented her twin daughters.

Well, it is another cool sister story the way someone came along who knew the real story. And I want to say that all of you represent my "sister family" and I so appreciate all of your support with comments. They warm me.

See you tomorrow with one more sister story. It's a good one......about me.....and a virtual sister.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sister Stories

There doesn't seem to be time for art this week. So, I thought I would share some sister stories with you. The first one is about a Sister family of cousins.

I met a newcomer to our little town last week. She saw my sister group prints from the original "Sisters' Reunion" painting at our local floral shop. Her sister family story was about five cousins and one of them, the second born, had already earned her crown in heaven.

And so my new friend wanted 4 prints of a group of five sisters to gift for Christmas. But she wanted the one with the crown to be the second from the end. We looked at the cropping possibilities and the grouping shown below was the only way to get the sister with the crown second from the end. It was the wrong end though.
We both agreed that we liked the crop of the five sisters that included the house even though the sister with the crown was on the end. I have this print hanging on my gallery wall here and as she was about to leave, my new friend commented that it was OK and noted that the four are standing together and the one with the crown was apart from the group. And I said, "yes, she is the first one, the first in line, the first one to earn her crown."
What I want to say is that it is absolutely an amazing feeling have a part in someones story. My fantasy story evolves and comes alive for me while I am painting. And then someone comes along and knows the real story.

My new friend came back yesterday to tell me how touched each of the cousins were to receive her gift. They each knew immediately who each of the sisters represented in their story.

Expect blessings,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend finished

If I'd made a list for the weekend, it would have had one thousand things to do on it. Sure glad I didn't write all that down because I managed very little and yet I never stopped until now.

I never dreamed how long it would take to do my Christmas cards. The cards are done. That was major.

I took care of other art related things and tried to get caught up on "stuff". And did. Somewhat. "Stuff" did not include housework.

At the end of the day, I just had to play a little and could not send out blank envelopes this time of the year. Thank you Sharon and thank you Laura. These two little packages are on their way tomorrow.

Expect blessings,

PS can I just say, "I don't like what Flicker has done regarding the sizing of photos"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Print Winner Announcement

A quick pop in....
to say....
there is a winner ....
of the print....
drawn from all the comments from the last 3 post...
and it is.....
Blue Jude
and nothing has anything to do with today's view....
I just like that ball of stuff....
Expect miracles Blue Jude,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shop Update

Did you know that I have never listed this little sister group of 3 in my Etsy shop? Well I have now along with several other groups from the original Sisters Reunion painting.
And I sold the original of this one but never listed a print. This morning I made a print of this and it really is so beautiful. There is just something about the white that comes off so crisp and pure.

Here is another that I had not made a print of but did this morning and it too is beautiful.

Treat yourself for Christmas or give as sister gifts. If you buy 2 or more prints, I will waive all the shipping.
Pardon this little advertising, but I have been so neglectful of my own little shop. I could bore you with all of my excuses but .....well you would be bored.
I think I will try to announce a winner of the print from Expect Miracles tomorrow. I have listed the original in All Norah'S Art.
Expect a great day,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Expect Miracles

What fun we had today.
You and I, that is.
I got up at 5am and I know you were here.
Because you have been quietly waiting for me to return.
It was just a lazy break.
That's all.
I saw something Friday and quickly sketched the resulting inspiration.
I'm just saying.
It was quick.
But the vision was in my head.
At 5 o'clock this morning,
I knew I would be painting "Sisters" today.
This group of five were Angels last December.
I usually don't pay much attention to who they were.
And sometimes can't recognize them after transfering and repainting.
Today, I made a note before repainting and thought it would be fun if the person who purchased the original happens to pass by again and see the Angel Reunion.
From the top:
swirling about
into my heart
a poem
So, I'll shut up now and just show.

My process.
You've seen it before.
She is one of my favorites.
In addition to painting sisters this year, I started painting without a face sketch.
I always start with the eyes.

And I always have to move them down.

Thank you again Kathy for the vintage plastic doilies.
I just love it.
I used Golden Molding Paste.
And let it dry.
But I didn't like it so I scrapped it off and used paint.

And thank you again Fiona for the new "dreams" (butterflies).
You know I do reach a point where I forget to pick up the camera.
But that's OK, you were here looking over my shoulder.
Weren't you?
So quiet.
No one said a word.
Here is a print from my new painting.
If you will now speak up with a "sisterly" comment,
you just might be the winner of this little print.
Expect Miracles,