Monday, August 31, 2009

Invitation Accepted

Saturday, my friend Susan accepted the invitation to come play ART with me.
I gave a little lesson on painting "Sassy Faces"with Claudine Helmuth paints.
We each worked on two.
Susan finished one.
But I didn't.
ART by Susan.
(and just so you know, she has never painted a face before)
I'm jumping up and down clapping and clapping!
Soon as I finish mine, oh you know, I'll show ya.
Expect it,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Function and Beauty

Collage by dj Pettitt
I don't think I have shared this story but now is a good time. It's all about "function" and "beauty". Almost half of my married life ago, around 1986, maybe a little later, my dear husband and I were clearing brush and trees around our tank dam. He explained to me how the beautiful willow trees just sucked up the water from the tank and we needed to clear them. I was all for clearing the brush and making it pretty; however, there was one little stand of willow trees that I had been clearing around without his help and it gave a beautiful view from my kitchen window. I ask him to please not cut them down. I showed him exactly which ones I wanted to be left. We worked. I had no idea that he would not honor my wish and suddenly there he was with his chain saw cutting the very trees that I had pointed out. I was crushed to tears. I could not understand why. Why would he go against my wish. It felt like he did it on purpose and with malice. Like I said, crushed to tears. His explanations was so simple. He said, "Sharon, I can't cast my rod standing there because my fishing line gets caught in those trees."

About two seconds after he told me that, I had a life changing understanding of our relationship. He is all about "function" and I am all about "beauty". Many many times since that day I have needed to know this and reflected on that moment and grateful for the understanding.
Actually, the truth is, I am about beauty with function. My ART studio is a place of function. I need things in order to function and I need them to be organized. So, I have taken care of the "function" part of this Studio project. But in order to reflect "me", there has to be "beauty" in the studio. That is the stage I am working on now.
I have quite a few pieces of art and art prints that were stacked on the floor along with various frames that I have collected. The time finally came for me to put the beauty on the studio walls.
A few of my ART pieces needed special cut mats or frames. Earlier this week I went to Michaels for that purpose. After I selected mats for four pieces and placed that order, I realized how knowledgeable the frame lady on duty was, I ask her if I could ask her opinion about some problem pieces of art. She grinned great big and said, "Oh, I always have lots of opinions." So the first piece I pulled out was a beautiful collage by dj Pettitt, (the first photo at the top). She quickly took it to the section of "floating" frames and I knew immediately that was a perfect solution.

original art by Ro Bruhn
Next was a beautiful original by Ro. I didn't want to mat over the edges and her solution was this little narrow black frame with the art mounted on top of black card stock. Great solution.
art print by Misty Mawn
Then, I had this Misty print that I intended to get special cut mat for. She felt it would work in one of their precut mats. Sure enough the top mat in a double mat package was perfect.

art print by Vanessa Valencia
and I used the creamy bottom mat with this art print.
So, I'm very excited about the "beauty" and with "function" in my studio. Just as soon as I get it all on the walls, you know I will share.
Expect it,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Are Invited

Remember this view from the Studio Tour Video?
Can I just say that box at the end of the table has been sitting there for no less than 5 years.
For real.

You are invited to come play ART with me.
Can you?

I just had to show my table and invite someone to come and make ART with me.


By the time you get here, I will have all these organized, framed and decorating the wall.

Sorry, I know you are probably tired of seeing my studio organization project.

But I just had to show my table.

I covered with Red Rosin paper because Katie said she did that and then when the paper is all juicy with paint and stuff, she uses it for journal pages.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

I'll be expecting you,


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nosey Peeps

Yes, I do have some nosey peeps. And I love that. Because you ask, here is the inside of the big doors after reorganizing. I only lack the utility sink section.

I have felt driven this weekend to get this done. I'm getting so close being finished with the ART studio. Then I will tackle the Sewing studio where a lot of stuff has been relocated and is "in holding" for me.

Hope you all had a great weekend doing just what ever you wished to do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Studio Cleaning Mode

First things first. Right? So, this is the corner that I have been working on and I'm so very excited about my progress. Most of these things have found new "keeping places" and when that was happening, I became inspired to move my CDs from the opposite end of this little shelf and to relocate my little boom box that was sitting on the counter by the utility sink. What? What was I thinking? By the sink?
During my one hour this morning I finished up this new music corner and I just can't stop looking at it. Truth is I haven't reorganized the little three drawer boxes that fit so perfectly under the shelf. But that is next and on my way to work I stopped by and purchased two more. They hold little things and yet are right out there where I won't forget about my little stuff.

Yesterday Lynne Hoppe mentioned using Portfolio Oil Pastels in her fabric journal and I tell you bells went off in my head. I just recently purchased mine and this morning slipped right from "cleaning mode" to "experimenting mode".....again.
I wondered how they would work on fabric and specifically how they would wash. I wanted to compare them to Caran d'Ache which is what I have been using on fabric for my slow cloth.

Before washing, I did heat set with the iron. Here she is after washing. I washed with cold water first and then switched to hot and noticed that some of the color washed away with the hot.
However as you can see, she still has nice color.
If you are using fabric for a wall hanging washing it would not be an issue; however, I am using it on a quilt which will get washed. When I get home this afternoon, I will add more color to her. I ran out of time even after calling in late but I got an extra hour today. Sure makes me happy to start the day in "cleaning mode" and "experimenting mode"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Journal

I have a really cool store bought garden journal that I have had over 10 years. The very cool part is that it is divided by months and there are several pages for each month. So, this is the first gardening I have done or journaled in the month of August. The leftover blank pages for each month are then used the next year and the next year. I date each entry and it is really interesting to read back to see what I panted and when. I also make quick sketches to help me remember what I planted and where and write down the germination period and days to harvest as a way to watch what should be happening.
I have found a little balance, OK three days might not be balance, but I am happy about doing a little gardening. More on that in another post.
Expect it,
PS For details of what I did, just click on the photo. I left it big......I think
PSS Yes, I'm on the couch again.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Goofy Girls

For the most part, I sat on the couch all day Sunday and colored/painted these goofy girls that will eventually become a part of this bit of "Confusion". I really do not know what I'm doing but it sure is fun.
Just so you know, my inspiration is Spirit Cloth blog. She does amazing things with bits of cloth.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mini Iron

By request, here is the "craft iron" that I have been using. It is a Clover Mini Iron II "The Adapter"
And this is me doing art-on-the-couch with it.
The craft stores carry it and usually can be found in the sewing or fabric departments. Use your discount coupons like I did. It comes with a smaller tip than the one shown. And there is also a third "slimline adapter tip".
Going back to the couch now,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Through the Red Moon

At my house, Friday nights are free nights. That means you get to do whatever you wish. You can even do nothing. I found myself on-the-couch and the neat thing about the craft iron is that you can used it on-the-couch. So, I added another layer of color to my sassy face and then found a spot on the "Confusion" quilt. I think she is flying through the red moon and I had no idea months ago when I added these pieces that it was for her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Experimental Mode

When my friend, the Organization Guru said, "you cannot go from cleaning/organization mode to creative mode", I'm pretty sure she didn't mean I could not switch to "experimental" mode.

During my morning hour, after a little organization, I was sidetracked and switched right into "experimental" mode.

Could be that I have a new box of Crayola crayons and a new craft iron.
I was experimenting with the new craft iron to heat set this little face that I did weeks ago using the Caran d'Ache crayons. She is on muslin and I suddenly had the urge to use my new Crayola crayons around the edges of the face and then heat set with the new craft iron. Just experimenting don't you know?

Then, I wondered what would happen if I washed the little piece of muslin. Experimenting. Before I knew it I grabbed the dish soap and washed the fool out of it.
I rather like that it softened it a bit; however, I do expect to go over it again with both kinds of crayons and eventually she and others like her will become a part of this art-on-the-couch project. Getting excited about it again.
Expect a great weekend,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Studio Progress

I'm sharing progress with the photo to the left from the video. That stack in the corner has been cleared.

The green sewing box was my Mother's who passed away in 1991. The second picture shows treasures inside but I'm ready to pass it on and today it is on its way to a new home. I've made other progress as well.
When I was thinking long and hard about this major studio organization makeover and move to create a new sewing studio, I contacted my friend, the Organization Guru. She thought it was a good idea but I told here I was overwhelmed with all the task at hand.

First of all, she told me that "overwhelmed" is not in my vocabulary. OK. Then, she said, "don't be afraid, it's fun". Easy for her to say....she's the Guru.

The thing that was overwhelming me was figuring out how to start, how to know what to move, how to get the new room ready, etc etc.......I took notes of our conversation.

(1.) She gave me permission to make the room a sewing studio instead of a deserted, frozen in time bedroom.
(2.) She told me to clean off the shelves of all of daughter's things and box them up to give to her. (3.) Doing so would make a holding area for the things that will find a new home in the new Sewing Studio. I have done that and have moved things to this "holding area"

Regarding the new organization, she said:
(1.) Start with one thing like the table in the Art studio.
(2.) Remove everything and clean it.
(3.) Do something with each item. A. Put back on the table. B. Throw the item away. C. Return it to it's "keeping" spot. D. Make a new "keeping" spot.

She said, "Establish Order in pursuit of perfection". We laughed about had to be there.

One more thing, I told her that I know how to do this; but that I always get a little done and then get sidetracked and inspired to sit down and paint.

She said:
(1.) You can not multitask with this; you can't stop the organization project to paint a face.
(2.) You can not go from cleaning/organization mode to creative mode.
(3.) You are in preparation for creative mode.

I really liked all of her instruction and advise and thought you might too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Studio Tour Before

My studio tour which was never intended for prime time was made the day before I injured my nose. I just did it one morning to email to my friend to show her where I create.

Now, I'm in the midst of a "makeover" and the video serves as a great "before" example. The makeover actually is all about a new studio. That's right, I'm turning a bedroom into a Sewing Studio. Then I will have two rooms in my home to wreck. I have thought long and hard about this as my greatest fear was just that. Another room to wreck.

As you can see, this room was always a studio. However, it was mostly a sewing and doll studio. All those cabinets are filled with sewing and doll related supplies and tools. I won't be able to move all of it to the new sewing studio because that room does not have this much storage. But I will be able to organize all of this mixed media into some of those great cabinets.

I will keep you posted on my progress and hopefully I will show a little art along the way.

You are all so encouraging and I thank you for that. It really does motivate me to "do it".

Be expectful,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last week I left you with the expectation of an ART full weekend.
That was my expectation and I thought if I told you, then I would be bound to do it.
It just never happened. You can't tell by looking at my beautifully straight nose, but I simply am not bouncing with energy yet. As you may or may not know, the ART that I do accomplish is with what ever energy is left over from Life. Life seems to be taking it all right now.
I'm still taking the extra hour in the mornings to sit and stare, make the bed, wash a load, do something, do nothing. It's my hour. During yesterday's hour, I got to the bottom of the stacks and piles that were hiding my ART desk. This morning's hour, I labeled these file folders. Because while I'm not making ART, I am managing a huge studio organization project.
Expect to hear more about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I think I am going to make it. I had no idea how this stupid accident/surgery would effect me in more ways than you want to know.
I so appreciate all of your well wishes, concerns and the warmth conveyed to me. I simply have not had energy to respond but ask your forgiveness for that.
I refrained from boring you with the gory details of my dilemma. Though I was tempted.
And now, I'm ready to move forward but I'm still not bouncing.
A good sign is my art-at-the-desk today. I just spent a little time looking through an old Victoria magazine for collage scraps so I can maybe try to apply what I learned at Katie's workshop at the art retreat in early July.
And by the way, what happened to July?
I fully expect this weekend to be ART full. Again, thank you so much for being out there.
xoxoxoxo to all